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a marriage performed by a government official rather than by a clergyman

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Summary: In an effort to keep the controversial topic of civil marriage in the limelight, civil society members are set to revive protests this week, representatives of Chaml, a Lebanese NGO, told The Daily Star.
The issue we address is legally contracted civil marriages and employment.
Fine Gael TD Jerry Buttimer raised the issue in the Dail saying: "The effect of the legislation, as currently interpreted and applied, is that civil marriages and partnerships must take place in a fixed structure, a place with four walls and a roof, that is open to the public.
Ayia Napa has seen a 20 per cent increase in civil marriages for 2014 which would translate into to a 30 per cent increase in revenues, Karousos said.
How will it create 'irreparable harm' to maintain New Jersey's definition of civil marriage, one which has prevailed for the entire history of the state, for just a few months longer?
To avoid such a dilemma, the couple could have easily flown to nearby Cyprus to marry, since Lebanese authorities recognized civil marriages registered abroad.
By a majority vote of about 95 per cent, the synod had requested the bishop "at a time he judges appropriate, to grant permission for clergy whose conscience permits to bless duly solemnized and registered civil marriages between same-sex couples, where one party is baptized.
The government consultation is about civil marriages, not religious marriages.
Palmieri is reviving an effort to prohibit the city clerk and assistant city clerks from retaining fees they collect for performing civil marriages at City Hall or on any other municipal property during regular business hours.
CAIRO: Dozens of Egyptians protested on Thursday to demand the introduction of civil marriages, in order to be able to divorce or remarry.
Larnaca Municipality and Larnaca Tourism Development and Promotion Company, in cooperation with Natan Uretsky tourist operator, will organize on Friday June 17 a ceremony of 170 civil weddings, which is the biggest number of civil marriages ever held around the world in one day.
Summary: A legal bid to overturn bans on gay civil marriages will be launched at the European Court of Human Rights.
Muslims in the country, however, were against civil marriage and constituted most of the 48 percent of the Lebanese population against civil marriages, according to the paper.
I also advocate civil marriages and I hope that one day Bahrain introduces civil marriage for those who choose a more just way of signing the marriage contract to protect their rights during the marriage and in case of divorce.
A spokesman for the Registrar General's Office said: 'It is to make things consistent so civil marriages and civil partnerships are registered in the same way.