civil marriage

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a marriage performed by a government official rather than by a clergyman

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It is no business of the state to pronounce on matters of religious doctrine; in return religious organisations really should not be seeking to campaign on secular matters such as civil marriage ceremonies conducted on council premises by local authority registrars.
The Newtownabbey man added: "Equality is not a luxury, it is a right and at the moment in Northern Ireland civil marriage is not open to everyone so people are not being treated with equality.
BEIRUT: In an effort to keep the controversial topic of civil marriage in the limelight, civil society members are set to revive protests this week, representatives of Chaml, a Lebanese NGO, told The Daily Star.
The Hollywood actor wore a gray suit and a matching tie for his civil marriage ceremony.
Even though there have been mass marriages in other parts of the world with far more participants, a record for the most civil marriage in one go does not exist yet, Guinness said.
Denying same-sex couples the fundamental right to civil marriage serves no purpose other than to establish a second-class status for these relationships and families in the eyes of the law.
A Public Religion Research Institute poll in March 2011 found that 43 percent of Catholic respondents support full civil marriage rights, with another 31 percent in favor of civil unions; a poll two years later found that 54 percent support full civil marriage rights with 38 percent opposed, a complete reversal of the findings as recently as 2008.
A church representative did not, however, take a hardline stance against civil marriage.
Beirut: Rejecting multi-pronged clerical objections, caretaker Minister of the Interior Marwan Sharbel took the unprecedented step of registering the civil marriage contract of Nidal Darwish and Kholoud Succariyeh, the first couple to celebrate a civil union in Lebanon.
Note that I am referring to civil marriage, not church marriage.
Marwan Charbel promises to approve Nidal & Kholoud's civil marriage I am glad he changed his mind and will go on and sign it.
The Al Ain Court of First Instance is looking into a lawsuit filed by the woman demanding a ruling to enforce a paternity test to prove the Emirati man, in his forties, is the biological father of her child, following a civil marriage contract between the two.
THE Alliance Party's ruling council has voted in favour of the introduction of samesex civil marriage in Northern Ireland.
Any new law will apply only to civil marriage and the small number of religious groups who do agree with gay unions.