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a sum of money voted by British Parliament each year for the expenses of the British royal family

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And if she wants to top up the Civil List cash she can always put Phil on the stage.
Sir Alan Reid, Keeper of the Privy Purse, said: "The Royal Household is acutely aware of the difficult economic climate and took early action to reduce its Civil List expenditure by 2.
In the late 18th century, during a remarkable period of public-sector reform, the constitutional intent of making the executive financially accountable to Parliament for the expenditure of monies appropriated by Parliament was confirmed as the essential, undiminished reason for the unprecedented reforms to government accounting associated with the civil list.
George II had received various revenues, known as Civil List revenues, of which the rents from the Crown Lands were one.
The Civil List is the sum approved by the Commons to meet the official expenses of the Queen's household.
AS far as I am concerned, those on the Civil List are just on benefits by a different name.
Civil List funding, much of it used to pay the wages of her Royal Household staff, fell by pounds 100,000 from pounds 13.
The Sovereign Grant Bill, which received an unopposed third reading, will replace the current Civil List and other grants with a new mechanism, based on a percentage of the profits of the Queen's pounds 6.
I'm sure that however deep the cuts to the civil list bite, Liz's family will not starve.
He said the Queen was fully behind the decision to keep the Civil List at its current level, and the Government would be looking at ways to change the way the Royal Family was funded.
FUNDING for the Queen's household by the taxpayer through the Civil List will remain frozen at pounds 7.
Rooney has every right to do as he wishes regarding the National anthem - we do not have a choice about paying our taxes towards the civil list, though our Royals can fly aircrafts for jollies when our troops are in dire need of this type of aircraft.
In fact, it's strange that George Osborne, in his pounds 6 billion cutback speech didn't tell us how many millions are to be cut from the Civil List, that uses our hard-earned cash to keep the Royal Family and her useless brood in luxury.
In a response to a request for information, a spokesman for shadow chancellor George Osborne has said funds for health and international development obligations would be safeguarded, as they have already indicated, but there would be no assurances for other areas including the Civil List.
The land may belong to the Crown Estates but, in 1760, King George III gave the Crown Estates to the state in return for the civil list.