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a libertarian who is actively concerned with the protection of civil liberties

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So whether or not Obama is a civil libertarian by instinct--I'd say he is a politician by instinct--is basically irrelevant.
Dershowitz is obviously sympathetic to the concept of rights, but he questions the reasoning of even the great civil libertarians.
Then he asked his guest, Larry Walters, an attorney and civil libertarian, "Why shouldn't we have reasonable suspicion rather than probable cause," like the British do?
The establishment of an office to pump federal money into religious charities has brought a uniform reaction from across the spectrum of churches and civil libertarian organizations, left to right.
We asked Doctorow, a devout civil libertarian, to recommend three political books for young adults:
Are you a civil libertarian or against the Iraq war?
Reviewing Attorney General John Ashcroft's guidelines for terrorism investigations, civil libertarian Nat Hentoff warns that they "could be part of the new Steven Spielberg-Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report, which envisions the nabbing of 'pre-criminals.
The prevailing academic view was neatly expressed by another prominent civil libertarian, Ronald Dworkin, who dismissed the idea that the public might understand rights such as free speech as a "bizarre proposition.
Q: Do you find yourself a feminist among civil libertarians and a civil libertarian among feminists?
The sheer audacity of the belief that anything the majority wants in a democracy is okay; the presumption to rights of power and control embodied in the idea that the majority can repeal and infringe upon the rights of minorities; the assumption of absolute moral infallibility--it's more than any civil libertarian or First Amendment advocate should be required to endure.
Oddly enough, this liberal/libertine feminist philosophy of free choice has more in common with the laissez-faire, free-market economics of the Bush and Reagan administrations than any civil libertarian or sexual liberal would care to admit.
That's good news for civil libertarians across the political spectrum.
A group of civil libertarians led by a University of Texas law student wants to teach people how to use 3-D printing technologies to make their own guns at home.
The first surveys the synergy between liberals and the broader left, showing alliances with radical socialists and civil libertarians, but also the eventual gap between traditions of social reform and whether it can be closed.
For civil libertarians, Barack Obama has proven to be a nightmare.