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a leader in municipal affairs


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Civil leaders point to how, unlike the other deaths, where no officer was charged, Charleston has moved quickly to ensure justice is served.
Al Tayeb's appeal for reform within the structure of Islam summarises the theological argument against the terrorists, which can be combined with the efforts by civil leaders around the Arab world to nurture enlightened thinking, open minds and stable institutions as essential parts for the development of Muslim societies, as well as the fight against terror.
30 (SUNA) - The reconciliation conference between parts of Al-Hawzma Awlad Ahmed and Awlad Basher, the biggest parts of Al- Hawazma tribe, has began sittings in Southern Kordofan State, in the presence of a big number of the state government and Al-Goz Locality officials and local civil leaders and mediators (Ajaweed).
In Chibok, the town from where the girls were abducted, parents were hoping to watch the video and identify their daughters, said one of the town's civil leaders, Pogu Bitrus.
Political, religious and civil leaders urgently need to show national unity in dealing with violence and in promoting social peace.
The President, His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has issued a federal law in 2012 establishing a college of national defence to prepare and train military and civil leaders capable of defining challenges facing national, regional and international security.
Abdulrahman Al-Othman, Defense Ministry Undersecretary Jassar Abdulrazzaq Al-Jassar, ambassadors, ranking military and civil leaders.
Karzai's comments, in remarks opening the gathering of more than 2,500 tribal elders, civil leaders and officials, surprised delegates and left U.
The demonstration comes as Afghan tribal elders, as well as civil leaders and politicians are due to attend the Loya Jirga or the grand assembly, on Thursday to discuss the pact.
QC's projects in the states of South and Central Darfur aim to strengthen the local communities and have included a three-day project, "Building the capacity of civil leaders, women and young people", with the participation of 50 people from different age groups in the region and under the supervision of a specialised organization.
About 3,000 tribal elders and civil leaders will gather to decide the fate of the Bilateral Security Agreement allowingsome US troops to stay in the country after 2014.
14, Mladenov called on all Iraqis and their political, religious and civil leaders to seek unity and understanding.
UN envoy Nickolay Mladenov called on Iraq's "political, religious and civil leaders to work together with the security forces" to curb the bloodshed.
Local media report Wednesday that AJC Executive Director David Harris has told Reuters his organization was saddened and shocked that Bulgaria, which is known for its tolerance and respectfulness, has allowed such incidents without condemning the media or public figures involved, even though civil leaders have done it immediately.
A crucial lesson of World War II--an eternal truth alas often ignored today- is that freedom of conscience is personal, not collective, and it can require a person to disobey orders from religious just as much as civil leaders, and to defy social pressures as well.