civil contempt

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a failure to follow a court order that benefits someone else

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This is because the line between criminal and civil contempt is often quite fuzzy.
The vice- chiefs of army, air force and navy had expressed reservations about amendment in the Armed Forces Tribunal Act ( AFT) seeking civil contempt powers.
When a person violates a stay, he or she may be charged with civil contempt and punishment will follow.
Judge Matthew Sciarrino of the New York State supreme court said the microblogging site had to produce information on Malcolm Harris or be in civil contempt and face a hefty fine.
Any civil proceedings against Holder would move forward long after the current Congress leaves office, as occurred when a Democratic House pursued a fruitless civil contempt case against Bush administration officials.
she Expressing her dissatisfaction on the SC verdict in contempt of court case against the PM, Nafeesa Shah said that the PM, Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani has been convicted in judicial contempt while he was accused in civil contempt.
In particular, it will focus on the distinction drawn between civil contempt of court and criminal contempt of court.
You might recall that Meredith spent nearly two weeks in the Pulaski County jail last year on a civil contempt charge in connection with another residential project.
Instead, he was incarcerated for civil contempt of court.
Taricani was subpoenaed but refused to reveal his source and was found in civil contempt of court.
If noncompliance continues, the court said it is prepared to implement "substantial civil contempt remedies", including the issuing of a "warrant for the arrest of any individual found to be in contempt of this order.
The Kane County Circuit Court held the hospital in civil contempt for failing to retract the report it made to the NPDB.
At the time of their decision, he was serving a 10-day jail sentence for civil contempt over a lawsuit brought by Moore, 41.
The detainee had been housed in a temporary detention facility pursuant to a civil contempt order of a family court, for refusing to pay back child support.