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legal action to protect a private civil right or to compel a civil remedy (as distinguished from criminal prosecution)

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But Mr Weaver's insurance company has since agreed to fund the legal costs of a civil action in Britain against the boy and his family.
9) Prior to the decision in Dickerson, civil actions filed against law enforcement officers claiming violations of Miranda were easily defended on the grounds that Miranda was not constitutionally mandated and, therefore, could not support an action under either Section 1983 or Bivens.
Now Lib Dem Richard Oglethorpe has urged chief executive David Henshaw to carry out a feasibility study into a civil action scheme.
David Young says too much effort has been expended in moving the civil action forward.
He said, "This civil action may involve new information that was not used in the previous two criminal trials.
The last major civil action against a man acquitted of murder in Scotland was in the case of Hamilton teenager Amanda Duffy who was killed in 1993.
At the same High Court hearing, the Government was also given permission to drop civil action and lift an injunction against the Mail on Sunday which published Shayler's secret service allegations.
Also, the study concentrates on gross overexposure to the chemical and so contributes little to the debate behind A Civil Action.
Already a best-selling book, A Civil Action is now moving into the curriculum, which means captive schoolchildren are going to spend a lot of time watching John Travolta and being exposed to what Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam describes as the "unmistakable message of the movie and, to a lesser extent, the book": "Big corporations poured poison into the drinking water of a tiny, woe-begotten town, killed children," and "got away with it" because of our defective civil justice system.
who started the civil action in 1993, London MPP Marion Boyd, sought to prevent all pro-life demonstrations whatsoever, including picketing and prayer at doctors' residences.
A Civil Action is the story of that lawsuit, and, more generally, of how the moral rightness of a cause can be rendered irrelevant by a trip through America's legal system.
As we understand it, the scope of head of state immunity has not been precisely defined, but it is possible that such immunity could be interpreted as affording complete protection against any type of civil action in this country, including a regulatory enforcement proceeding.
The Securities and Exchange Commission filed a civil action against Life Partners Holdings, Inc.
A pounds 14million civil action taken by families against five men they believe to be responsible got under way earlier this year at Belfast's High Court, with a judgment expected in the autumn.
A High Court judge ruled that the multi-millionaire recruited two "highly dangerous thugs" to murder Mohammed Raja in order to halt a civil action Mr Raja was bringing against him.