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the social science of municipal affairs

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It includes the nature of that participation as well," said Joe Kahne, Senior Advisor to the Civics Measures Initiative.
To address the need for better civics education, the Annenberg Public Policy Center has joined with 25 other nonpartisan organizations in the Civics Renewal Network, which makes free, high-quality educational materials available online at http://civicsrenewalnetwork.
history, versus 17% of public schoolers; 38% were proficient in civics, versus 22% of public school kids; and 44% were proficient in geography, versus 25 percent of public school kids.
The civics exam promoted by the Civics Education Initiative is the United States Citizenship Civics Test--the same test that immigrants must pass in order to become U.
examines the civic response to local universities' plans to develop NBLs in three communities: Roxbury, MA; Davis, CA; and Galveston, TX.
There were also no significant changes in overall scores, or in the racial/ethnic gaps since 2010, in geography or civics.
The whole concept behind having public schools in the first place was to teach civics so we would have good citizens," says Florida Representative Charles McBurney (R).
O'Connor founded iCivics - a Web-based education project that provides free interactive lesson plans and games for learning civics - three years after she retired from the Supreme Court in 2006 after 24 years of service.
1 the contract is to realize throughout the polish testing of the polish language, chemistry, biology, physics, geography, history and civics.
The award honors an organization, court, or individual who has promoted, inspired, improved, or led an innovation or accomplishment in the field of civics education related to the justice system.
Other fixtures will see struggling Eleven Arrows host United Stars while Civics have a date with LHU Blue Waters.
A key initiative that I have undertaken is broadening the scope of a Bar program, "Benchmarks: Raising the Bar on Civics Education" (www.
The David Dewhurst campaign offers a civics lesson on the Texas Legislature and the responsibilities of the lieutenant governor - while showcasing the incumbent's conservative record in office - in a new web ad.
Struggle" is not the term we generally associate with civics or civic engagement, but it is one Levinson prefers.
The answers to these questions, Altinay suggests, can only be reached through global dialogue, and Global Civics aims to start that deliberative process.