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pride in your city


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Debbie Whittingham, sales and marketing director at Taylor Wimpey North Yorkshire, said: "We're thrilled to be a part of the first ever Skelton Villages Civic Pride Open Gardens, and to be helping to promote the area.
Dean Henry, the council's Civic Pride officer who organised the Grape Lane scheme, said: "The event proved a massive success by bringing together local residents and partners whose hard work has helped make the area look great.
The discussions showed that the concepts of civic pride and of ethical citizenship are at the centre of British Idealist political philosophy.
Pauline Walker, council senior civic pride officer, said: "There is still time to apply for funding and make a positive change to the place in which they live, work or spend their spare time.
There is civic pride in the city having the West Midland's only Olympic sized swimming pool, and what kind of legacy would it be if it is replaced with an over sized splash pool?
Just imagine how we could transform the look, feel, engagement and perhaps even civic pride of many communities by coaxing people to take there own cuttings to a local wasteland: to take up community gardening.
Civic pride is missing, and people spit and litter on the streets without a thought.
But as has been noted in these pages (Outrage, AR June 2006), despite this profession of corporate civic pride, there appear to be issues of maintenance, with some louvres already broken and dirty.
The city's float, A Magical Place to Call Home, generated a huge amount of civic pride that will help economic development.
They are economic engines for local business, can provide expertise and insight on a range of issues, and can be a source of civic pride.
As a lifelong resident of the Big Apple and a lover of the arts, I am pleased to be associated with this wonderful celebration of New York City's enormous civic pride and unparalleled creative energy.
Showcase your civic pride and community spirit with a spot in America's Thanksgiving Parade[R].
In a move both nostalgic and full of civic pride, Donat created the site MisterSF.
The strong showing by Texas led to an outpouring of sweat envy and warped civic pride in cities such as Miami (10th place) and St.
An eternal optimist with, in his own words, "an excess of civic pride," Wilson saw Manchester's relative social and economic isolation as an opportunity not an obstacle.