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A mass culling of civet cats, considered a delicacy in southern China, in the province was soon after carried out.
SLAUGHTER: Police raid a wildlife market in Guangzhou city as a civet cat, left, is netted in a zoo; AP
One bloodstock agent of my acquaintance gave up staying at Hotel Stalag Luft Donny and now drives up and down from Newmarket every day, as the prospect of guessing exactly which part of the Civet Cat has gone into `chef's special of the day' was beginning to unhinge her.
The answer may be "yes," with the caveat Civet Cat Emptor, or as Celia Smith suggests, we must continue to ferret out the facts.
The civet cat may look like a weasel, but southern Chinese have eaten them for centuries and that famous fondness for the exotic may have inadvertently set off the Sars crisis, researchers said yesterday.
693 hectares, it houses some of the rare and endangered species of animals like Siberian tiger, Himalayan black bear, hill fox, palm civet cat, goral, silver pheasants, barking deer and sambhar deer.
The restaurant where she worked served civet cat, a regional delicacy and a possible source of SARS.
the civet cat isolated is almost identical to the (human) case found in Guangdong.
Nainital Zoo is providing a habitat to snow leopard, Siberian tiger, Himalyan black bear, hill fox, Plam civet cat, ghoral, silver pheasants, barking deer, sambhar deer, owl, eagle, Rose ringed Prakeet and many more.
But the creature, which may be a new species of marten or civet cat, could already be doomed to extinction because its habitat is under threat.
The increased demand for civet cat, suspected as the source of severe acute respiratory syndrome, is one such example.
A civet cat, caged in a market in Guangzhou,China, where the government ordered 10,000 of the animals in wildlife markets be put down after tests showed a link to a Sars sufferer
The high press coverage was followed by an overall decrease, although small peaks occurred in association with the conflicts among European Ministries on airport measures, increased quarantine measures in China, and the identification of the civet cat as a probable source of SARS-CoV.
The trio found a fallen tree which looked like a Big Snake lair, and baited it with dead civet cat.
8 Secretions of civet cat (eaten in the 18th century as an aphrodisiac confection)