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a state consisting of a sovereign city

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14 A very important feature of the federation, was the isopoliteia of its citizens, meaning that a citizen of one member city-state, had political rights as a citizen if he moved into another member city-state, a situation that clearly surpasses today's European Union.
This project will go beyond traditional studies by examining both together and identifying how the entire Etruscan and Latin city-state system functioned, how it formed, worked and developed.
In the end, Scott admits there is no entirely satisfactory model for the European city-state.
Kultur is proud to announce a new DVD release from the Sites of the World Culture-Series: Venice The Insatiable City-state available on July 31st.
Thiel believes that the city-states offer an opportunity to better humanity and its right to true democracy, while critics point out executing the plan would be a logistical and environmental nightmare devoid of proper urban planning.
Citizens pay their taxes to the city-state, not to the central government, and most of the functions of government are carried out at the local state level, not at the centre.
Afree, City-State of Liverpool could trade across the world and challenge the Hamburgs, Singapores and HongKongs once more, andwhoever it is sits in Downing Street will be totally irrelevant
Late in the 11th century, the rising naval power of the Italian city-states limited the ability of the Maghrihis to trade profitably across the Mediterranean.
Singapore Airlines said it has put one of its Boeing 747-400s out of service after the aircraft lost a bolt while flying over Sydney on its way to the city-state on Wednesday.
Benedict retains an impressive list of titles, however, including "bishop of Rome, vicar of Jesus Christ, successor of the prince of the apostles, supreme pontiff of the universal church, primate of Italy, archbishop and metropolitan of the province of Rome, sovereign of the Vatican city-state, and servant of the servants of God.
5 million city-state park slated to open next year along the waterway at Taylor Yard in Cypress Park.
His solicitor, Dashran Purain, said his client appeared at a district court in the city-state and was ordered to serve 11 months in prison.
UMEZ is proud to be a part of the city-state partnership that has made this day possible.
Southeast Asia's rising gay scene was dealt a major blow when Singapore authorities rejected what was to be the fifth annual gay and lesbian party in the city-state.