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being or having the customs or manners or dress of a city person

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West Midlands film facts ||19th century city-born inventor Alexander Parkes created the origins of celluloid in Birmingham||In December 1909 saw the pre-Hollywood birth of what is now the UK's oldest working picture house, The Electric Cinema.
Trying out country life was Sarah DiMuro, a New York City-born and raised woman in her twenties, who had never spent time out of the city.
Mexico City-born Garduno said she can't remember the last year she didn't wear a new pair of red underwear so that the new year would bring love.
But Anderson reckons his Granite City-born team-mates will take over the job of making Calderwood eat his words - after his claims that local players don't have the mean streak to be top pros because of their affluent background.
Two years ago, at age 37, Mexico City-born Domingo Rubio, whom the Los Angeles Times' Lewis Segal hailed as "one of the great dancers of the age," hung up his ballet shoes.
THESE are the only city-born cows and pigs in the country - and they reside in one of the most valuable pieces of property in Ireland.
A New York City-born world traveler of varied interests, he's figured out that the keys to his success involve other people.
1 hosted by famous music master DJ Clue, gives hip hop and urban basketball fans ages 15-24 a first-hand look at the city-born basketball style that has made its way from the neighborhood courts to the nation's biggest arenas.
Former Unite general secretary, Tony Woodley, rededicated the union's regional office in Churchill Way, to Jack Jones, the city-born trade unionist who fought in the Spanish Civil War and later became general secretary of the Transport and General Workers' Union.
Born in Essex in 1834, he had strong connections to Birmingham through his friendship with city-born artist Edward Burne-Jones.
The city-born flanker will be at Sidney Stringer Academy in front of a room full of 14 and 15-year-olds to talk about his own journey to the top.
City-born people like Alexander Parkes helped to invent celluloid, while Sir Michael Balcon was the most influential UK film producer of the 20th century.
The city-born author joined the Liverpool Rep as a teenage acting assistant stage manager, and in later life she recalled her time as 'a small cog in that great company'.
The Durham City-born player will be assessed at the training ground today.
Marshall's latest one-woman outing is a continuation of her previous show, the autobiographical ``Something in Her Genes,'' also staged by Travis, which chronicled the coming-of-age of a Studio City-born and -raised young woman who was compelled to explain the complex history of her life with men as if that was the only way to come to terms with it herself.