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Although Toone would turn over the city manager duties to Williams on Thursday, he would remain with the city through Jan.
That would be a sharp contrast to the last city manager search in 1993, which produced the city manager of Toledo, Ohio (Mr.
He served as Fresno's interim city manager for five months in 2003-04, and as the city's public works director for seven months before that.
Las Vegas city manager Bob Knotts, 52, brings 27 years of airline experience to his new position, including assignments with Continental Airlines, US Airways and the former Pacific Southwest Airlines.
Our focus is on the city manager and that's it,'' Mr.
Piercy has said that hiring Eugene's 10th city manager will be the most important decision the council will make.
But there is actually an effort to encourage a city manager to stay?
Jones worked the last seven months as assistant city manager.
LANCASTER - A local municipal employee has been promoted and a Colton worker has been chosen as Lancaster assistant city managers.
While serving as city manager, his previous employer, the College of the Holy Cross, agreed to give him a nine-month leave of absence.
He explained why Eugene is a tough place to work as city manager.
BURBANK - City Manager Mary Alvord will get a 6 percent pay increase in a move designed to bring her salary in line with executives in comparable cities, officials said Wednesday.
WORCESTER -- Proponents of the council-manager form of government say qualifications and experience should be the driving force behind the city's search for a new city manager rather than one's ZIP code.
A slow, steady, uneasy underground movement is taking place in Eugene politics, and it is gradually suffocating our city manager form of government.
THOUSAND OAKS - A divided City Council has accepted the resignation of City Manager Phil Gatch, who said he was ending his 38-year career at the urging of one of the council members.