city hall

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a building that houses administrative offices of a municipal government

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She was stationed over the temporary City Hall in the Park Row building, and every now and then she would descend to resume communication with the mayor and with Washington.
The airship rose and signalled the flagship and City Hall, police and militiamen were directed at once to the spot, and this particular incident closed.
The disintegrating truce gave place to a definite general breach with the assassination of the Wetterhorn--for that is the only possible word for the act--above Union Square, and not a mile away from the exemplary ruins of City Hall.
The Vaterland at that time was beating up to the south of City Hall from over the ruins of the Brooklyn Bridge, and the reports of the gun, followed by the first crashes of the collapsing Dexter building, brought Kurt and, Smallways to the cabin porthole.
With a complete city block of roof area supporting a light geodesic framework of south-facing solar panels and north-facing selected skylights, Eugene's City Hall would be spectacular and exceptionally energy efficient.
During this period of consultation and evaluation, the best way for anyone wishing to ensure the City Hall has a viable long-term future is to buy tickets for its shows, and come and enjoy the unique atmosphere of this iconic venue.
Alarcon said he believes the problem is more acute at City Hall, where officials have a direct say over awarding contracts.
He helped open Lancaster's first permanent City Hall and develop the Aerospace Walk of Honor.
To be fair, Hahn's administration didn't invent the dirty politics at City Hall, though under his watch the abuses seem to have reached an unprecedented level.
Deaton will head a municipal utility beset with problems - from an investigation into inflated billings by a public-relations contractor to aging water and power systems that could require huge sums to repair even as it supplies huge sums of ratepayers' cash to keep City Hall working.
As he moved into the twilight of his City Hall career, Ron was paid almost twice what the politicians on the City Council paid themselves.
Dyer, whose attorney in the City Hall case has questioned her mental competency, is in custody in a hospital ward after undergoing two surgeries for her wounds, the detective said.
The City Council on Wednesday voted 6-2 to drop the idea of renovating City Hall, or using a combination of renovation and new construction to get a new city government headquarters.
Twenty-one teens from six high schools in Lancaster spent the day at City Hall in the annual Youth in Government event.