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a building that houses administrative offices of a municipal government

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She was stationed over the temporary City Hall in the Park Row building, and every now and then she would descend to resume communication with the mayor and with Washington.
The airship rose and signalled the flagship and City Hall, police and militiamen were directed at once to the spot, and this particular incident closed.
The disintegrating truce gave place to a definite general breach with the assassination of the Wetterhorn--for that is the only possible word for the act--above Union Square, and not a mile away from the exemplary ruins of City Hall.
The Vaterland at that time was beating up to the south of City Hall from over the ruins of the Brooklyn Bridge, and the reports of the gun, followed by the first crashes of the collapsing Dexter building, brought Kurt and, Smallways to the cabin porthole.
It's also sad that we have abandoned the existing City Hall prematurely and turned it into a debilitated and derelict shell, apparently to increase support for a new building in lieu of a rehabilitation option.
As uncertainty hangs over the 75-year-old hall, Peter decided now was the time to make clear ideas he has been harbouring for years that could see some of the adjoining City Pool building used to expand the range of facilities on offer at the City Hall.
But what's not needed -- take note, Janice Hahn -- is more money for City Hall.
as the architects of City Hall, which was constructed from 1803 to 1812.
The Ringgold City Council removed framed copies of the Ten Commandments and the Lord's Prayer from city hall in mid August.
City Hall is on a $2 billion redevelopment rampage, and four eminent domain cases now loom.
Some people can't come to city hall to meet with me," explains Stanley.
As the inadequacies of this space became increasingly obvious, the city fathers followed the example set by their neighbours in Toronto and Mississauga and in 1988 established an architectural competition to design a new City Hall for Kitchener.
We're opening a new City Hall in Anaheim: the 21st Century City Hall," mayor Curt Pringle announced.
Crews next week will begin taking apart City Hall, eventually clearing the way for the construction of a new, smaller structure on the downtown block, at East Eighth Avenue and Pearl Street.
3 -- 4) Cultural exchange students, above, including 14-year-old Sidakvir Singh, second from left, from Punjab, India, listen to speakers at Santa Clarita City Hall.