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the newspaper editor in charge of editing local news

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It contains a checklist for moral decision making, asking good and useful questions that a city editor might even ask.
City editors tend to be more responsible today but less colorful.
Today's typical city editor is better trained, more rounded and surrounded by more assistants, more the "New World editor" than the "Cro-Magnon city editor," according to Jeff Cowart, who runs American Press Institute seminars for city editors.
Like many city editors of his generation, Lane worked by driving people to achieve.
The Front Page Devil * Journalists repeatedly link older city editors to the rowdy "Front Page" era chronicled in the 1928 play by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur.
City rooms and city editors seem different now, more businesslike, less capricious.
James McCartney, who broke in under him, describes him as "the archetype of the old-fashioned city editor, an Irish Catholic, reformed alcoholic with a high school education, a great mane of white hair.
Most were men, but one who wasn't - Aggie Underwood, who became city editor of the Los Angeles Evening Herald-Express in 1947 - held her ground.
The period passed, and so did the mold for the old-fashioned city editor.
In the old days," says Cowart, an ex-city editor himself, "the city editor primarily came in and rawhided copy through the desk.
Still Tall in the Newsroom * Julius Parker is a former pro wrestler who saw World War II action in the Philippines and in Europe, so he's never taken much guff as a city editor.
At 79, he's certainly a leading candidate for the Oldest Living City Editor.
Sawyer, 57, first became a city editor at the Palm Beach Post in the early 1970s.
Now I'm the city editor, but sitting right here beside me is the issues and trends editor.
Of Rats and Men * In his book "The Paper," Richard Kluger vividly portrays legendary city editor Stanley Walker, who took over the New York Herald Tribune city desk in 1927 at age 30 and nurtured, inspired and taught countless writers of his generation: