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a rectangular area in a city surrounded by streets and usually containing several buildings


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One City Block encompasses a full city block bounded by East 19th Avenue to the north, Pennsylvania Street to the east, East 18th Avenue to the south and Logan Street to the west in downtown Denver s Uptown neighborhood.
The goal is to "create an aggregation of building owners so that they can together accomplish more than they could ever accomplish own their own," said Llewellyn Wells, president and founder of Living City Block.
Within this context, each city block can be regarded as a kind of 'super building', with individual elements reinforcing a common and intrinsically harmonious theme.
In 2000, she initiated a campaign to locate, purchase and design OBT's first permanent home, which included state-of-the art dance studios and offices on a full city block in Portland.
The Shegerian Home is part of One by One Leadership's CityBuilders Campus -- the revitalization effort of a city block of historic homes in downtown Fresno to serve as a campus for faith- and community-based organizations that are working to transform our community.
It is thought to be the largest armory in the world, containing 575,000 square feet of space, the heart of which is a drill floor measuring 180,000 square feet, more than a full City block.
But the IBA belief in recreating the traditional street pattern, and particularly the city block, was fundamental to critical' reconstruction, which was in some ways a response to Modernist schemes like the Interbau at the Hansaviertel, or the Markisches Viertel, where isolated buildings which completely ignored all aspects of tradition replaced tenements traditional to European cities.
The size of a city block, the basilical building is noteworthy for its many mosaics--the floor in every room was patterned with naturally colored stones.
two-story retail building uniquely situated on a triangular entire city block between Queens Center and Queens Place Malls.
Working with Pueblo Nuevo and the community, architects Daly Genik developed a masterplan to transform disparate parcels of land on a city block into a unified educational campus.
The new building at Kirkkokatu 9 marks the first step in the construction of Lappeenranta's City Block.
Set on a four-acre city block across the street from Disney Hall, the first phase of the project is expected to start construction later this year.
Traditional housing in Shanghai from the mid-nineteenth century consisted mostly of lilongs, or dense networks of connected two-storey buildings occupying a city block with shops fronting outwards onto public streets, and residences above accessed from internal alleyways.
Thus it has been known to host events such as neighborhood fashion shows (member artists clothed and made up by their colleagues walked up and down a chosen city block, lined with multifunctional furniture designed by group architects), auctions of forged paintings, and even an orgy.
Occupying an entire city block and dominated by a cluster of twelve monumental metal silos, EI Aguila dates from 1912, when its offices, malthouse, brewery and cellar were erected, built of brick in the Neo-Mudejar (Moorish) style.