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a 16th century musical instrument resembling a guitar with a pear-shaped soundbox and wire strings

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These are people absorbed in their art, like Belfast-born Cardwell himself, who sings and plays Uilleann pipes, cittern, guitar and whistles with the Backroom Band.
The concert will end with Heila's "Cittern Suite," a cycle of fiddle-inspired songs for cittern, a member of the mandolin family, performed by Heila.
The big band steamed through infectious hits such as El Agua De La Vida and Correla, with a three-piece horns section, cittern and banjo complementing one another seamlessly.
The fiddle is the core instrument featured, but Economy class draws upon a wide variety of acoustic instruments from the mandolin and cittern to a Finnish bagpipe, a jaw harp, and even a dobro.
Her sixth solo studio outing, it's a pleasure from the first cittern sounds of Awkward Annie to the dying notes of bonus track, The Village Green Preservation Society, penned by Ray Davies and recorded for BBCTV's Jam and Jerusalem.
Executed in the second half of the sixteenth century, the doll possesses an internal mechanism that enables it to play a tiny cittern and to move in time with the music.
Immediately a prelude of pipe, cittern, and viol, touched with practised minstrelsy, began to play" in "such a mirthful cadence, that the boughs of the May-Pole quivered to the sound.
In fact, they utilize viola da gamba, guitars, bajon, tambor, cittern, pandero, panderetilla, darabuka, castanets, psaltery, organ, and, yes, the harp.
But in its current form, with the incredible Troy Donockley on uilleann pipes, cittern, whistles and vocals, and Andy Dinan on the fiddle, he has the musical talent to see it through.
With Ian Wilson on keyboards and cittern, electric guitarist Pete Smale and drummer Barry Malin, the line-up has since played all the major dance clubs and festivals in the country and shows no sign of slowing down.
The band plays a wide range of instruments from hurdy-gurdy, which is Quentin's province, plus Hammer dulcimer (Amanda's territory), vocals, cittern, bag-pipes, shawm, kit drums, bass, percussion and didjeridu.
Bruce sings and plays pipes, cittern, guitar and whistles with the Backroom Band, one of the liveliest ceilidh bands in Wales and wants to focus his camera on the musicians of Wales and their music.
Dynamic percussion and bluesy harmonica blend with the small pipes and whistle and a fine blend of guitar, cittern, mandolin and fiddle.
Idlewild frontman Woomble was joined by acclaimed folkies Drever on guitar and McCusker on fiddle and cittern to play songs from forthcoming album Before The Ruin.