citrus fruit

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any of numerous fruits of the genus Citrus having thick rind and juicy pulp

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Proud of its English origins, GIBSON'S is an authentic London Dry Gin, with delicate aromas of citrus fruits, juniper berries, angelica and coriander, whose quality is recognized and largely awarded at competitions.
There are peaches, pineapple and other citrus fruits in the aroma.
They further said that citrus produce was facing impending different diseases and insects, but the most pernicious disease was 'Leprosy' which was threatening to citrus fruits.
He also said that the number of citrus fruit processing stations in Egypt has reached 90, all of which have the capacity to process 2m tonnes of citrus fruits.
Cyprus farmers are expected to get about e1/44 mln in compensation from the e1/4165 mln EU emergency fund for the withdrawal of 19,220 tonnes of citrus fruits, due to the Russian embargo, Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment Minister Nicos Kouyialis.
This scarcity has caused confusion between sweet lemons and other types of citrus fruits such as sweet oranges and regular lemons.
Washington, Feb 24 ( ANI ): A compound found in citrus fruits may reduce stroke risk in women, a study has claimed.
On annual basis, prices of potatoes, garlic, peppers and cabbage dropped by 20%-30%, of citrus fruit, grapes, and apples a by 7%-10%, while those of greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers went up by 10%, and of bananas a by 2%.
However, researchers recommended that consumers increase their intake of citrus fruit in whole form, rather than juice, because of the high sugar content of commercial fruit juices.
Waitrose has introduced a new limited-edition sweeter variety of grapefruit in a bid to kick-start flagging sales of the citrus fruit.
The Sovereign gets informed of the progress of the meteorological station network for the management of citrus fruit orchards' irrigation, for an amount of 10 million dirhams.
uk 3 WRUNG OUT Perfect for lemons, limes and small oranges, the FreshForce utilises a patented inverted stainless steel mechanism to dramatically increase its juicing power, squeezing up to 20% more juice from citrus fruit and reducing unwanted pulp.
At that time, DPI assisted in inspections of citrus fruit arriving from Bahamian groves.
Fill with plain cream or ice cream - I have added citrus fruit and vanilla for my filling which is sometimes affectionately called confectioners cream or plain cream.