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Synonyms for citron

large lemonlike fruit with thick aromatic rind

thorny evergreen small tree or shrub of India widely cultivated for its large lemonlike fruits that have thick warty rind

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Generous gifts like this one from the Citrons and the Charles Lafitte Foundation are key to our ability to create a safe and healthy environment for our students.
Children's advocacy and education are issues central to our mission, and the Charles Lafitte Foundation strives to support the efforts of organizations that share our same goals," said Jeffrey Citron, co-founder, board member, Charles Lafitte Foundation.
Together with the new C8, these figures mean that Citrons now account for one in four of all MPVs bought in the UK, which is more than any other manufacturer.
CITRON was the number two choice among private buyers for the first time in February, helping to make the company the fastest-growing major manufacturer in the UK.
Adjuntas has a fresh rainy climate, and citrons need lots of rain," said the cooperative's controller, Vincente Martinez, whose company is one of three in the little-known business.
Approximately 750 acres of citrons are under cultivation.
The gift is the latest in a series of grants that the Citrons have made to groups dedicated to improving the quality of life of children.
We are happy about the progress that The Charles Lafitte Foundation is making, in terms of identifying and supporting groups committed to education and children's advocacy," said Jeffrey Citron, co-founder and board member.
The Charles Lafitte Foundation has already assisted groups including the American Cancer Society, Camp Bon Coeur, and Junior Achievement, and the Citrons are looking to aid other organizations that advance the Foundation's mission.
I've always believed in philanthropy and I am thrilled to be in a position to help people improve their own lives," said Jeffrey Citron, co- founder and board member, Charles Lafitte Foundation.
NEW YORK -- The Charles Lafitte Foundation, a philanthropic organization run by Jeffrey Citron, and his wife, Suzanne, recently donated $100,000 to Project DATA, a program designed to meet the needs of autistic preschoolers and toddlers.
Programs like DATA are sorely needed, and I hope that our grant will help raise awareness about the requirements of autistic children and their families," said Jeffrey Citron, co-founder and board member, Charles Lafitte Foundation.