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the status of a citizen with rights and duties

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The statement said that the Immigration and Emigration Department will now restart processing dual citizenship applications from expatriate Sri Lankans under new regulations.
Sri Lanka last year suspended processing dual citizenship applications in order to outline the new conditions.
According to Brodie, [2] the main obstacle to the full and equal citizenship is the public and private issues and not women difference.
1 - Getting knowledge about women's sense of having citizenship rights.
If we are to think seriously about changing the criteria for revoking citizenship, that discussion must be accompanied by a conversation about the meaning of citizenship and whether the present easy road to multiple citizenships is the proper way to sustain a concept for which so many have given so much.
nationals, "homegrown" or otherwise, be stripped of their citizenship if they are "engaging in or purposefully and materially supporting hostilities against the United States.
This essay organizes scholarship on Asian Americans and citizenship around analyses of racialized and gendered citizenships.
Constructions of Asian American and African American citizenships are mutually constitutive, each arguing against and degrading the other to make claims of greater legitimacy in the national body via "citizenship narratives":
Civic republican citizenship appears to be the traditional, conservative view.
Discourses in liberal citizenship are more pluralistic.
What the erection of the monument laid claim to was the ethnic recognition the Lebanese in Tucuman still felt they had been denied, despite their elders' diplomas certifying their good citizenship in 1976.
The issue emerged last month when Wilson publicly accused the Immigration and Naturalization Service of expediting citizenship applications to boost Democratic voter registration.
Editor's Note: This article is the second part of an ongoing research project titled "Creating the Basis for Democracy in the Middle East: Conceptions of Citizenship in the Levant".
Others that don't allow dual citizenship include: Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Norway, Peru, Syria, Thailand, and Vietnam.
Hart), and Murphy define multinational citizenship as something that "gives equal recognition to the citizenship regimes of state and substate nations through a democratic argument for self-determination at the substate level and a revised conception of state sovereignty that is divided and shared" (p.