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the status of a citizen with rights and duties

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Proving one's parents' citizenship or immigration status at the moment of one's birth can be difficult, because apart from the simple birthright citizenship rule, U.
American citizens often choose to add another country to their nationality "belt," as when American-born Jews make aliyah and add Israeli citizenship to their U.
The seven, who had been detained for refusing to seek alternative citizenship, did not attend the hearing because it is an administrative case, which makes it mandatory for litigants to appear in court only in criminal lawsuits.
The bill stipulates that Latvian citizenship will be retained for those citizens of Latvia who have received citizenship of another European Union member state, member states of the European Free Trade Association, or NATO member states.
Some 2,000 applications for dual citizenship are awaiting approval in front of the Immigration and Emigration Department while 4,000 have already been offered the facility.
With these changes, Canada will be in line with most of our peer countries, by providing that citizenship can be revoked from dual nationals who are convicted of terrorism, high treason, and spying offences (depending on the sentence received), or who take up arms against Canada.
This ability to move freely through Europe together with a low income-tax rate makes citizenship in Bulgaria popular.
The four forms of citizenship must be achieved in order for Asian Americans to enjoy the guarantees of full constitutional citizenship.
Chapter 6 further describes how citizenship discrimination also takes place to silence individuals deemed troublesome by the political elite "effectively taking the individual in question outside the realm of legal rights" (2009, p.
By recognizing diasporic communities and diasporic cultural narratives, one can begin to theorize culture, identity and citizenship away from the binds of nationality.
The empirical study of citizenship policy in Europe still represents a poorly understood topic.
The procedure usually lasted from few months to one year and during this period, citizens, except for not getting a citizenship, could not even take legal action," said Bajrami.
Promoting the concept of citizenship as a holistic approach for development in Qatar and enhancing the awareness for citizenship and sustainable development should be the focus for Qatari business community and the society.
Egyptian Interior Ministry officials have granted citizenship to around 50,000 Palestinians in recent months, according to an official.
2 - Getting knowledge about the influencing factors on women's sense of having citizenship rights.
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