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being or having the customs or manners or dress of a city person

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Hurston presents him as "a citified, stylish dressed man" who "walked like he knew where he was going" and who reminded Janie of Mr.
Our Wild West is also getting citified by identifiable, upstanding corporate citizens.
Photographer Steven Gnam answered the call as a child of seven when his parents moved his citified family to the northwest corner of Montana and released him to explore the local environs: the 18-million-acre "crown of the continent" region where ice melt forms the headwaters to rivers reaching Hudson Bay, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Pacific.
As David Winchell, a 60-year-old owner of a roadside pizza and BBQ restaurant, told the Times, "This area is becoming too citified.
Ironically, the Romantic response to widespread urbanization at the turn of the nineteenth century coincided with the growth of a leisured middle class, a growth enabled by mechanization and industrial development, which in turn produced an expanded, predominantly citified, readership for the 'return to nature' project of the Romantic poets.
The look is definitely citified, daywear that easily transitions to night, with everything from casual tops and pants to blazers that look just right for going out to dinner.
It was apparently an age-old custom which citified me had never heard of.
In an effort to provide rural customers with the same, and sometimes a better, level of broadband connectivity that our citified friends and relatives enjoy, we have devoted enormous amounts of time, manpower and money.
John Jefferson brings his corrupt citified and secular ideas to small town America.
25) In the scenario that the Aesopic account (169 Perry) describes, a citified youth "eats up" his patrimony until he has only a cloak to call his own.
Neither one is able to bring his citified wife to North Carolina since neither wife can handle the ruggedness of the landscape, and both Wilkie and Buchanan dress in suits and ties on a regular basis, which Pemberton finds to be "ridiculous in such an environment" (22).
Slowly, by the end of the book Sathy, whose whole life revolved around his village of Molasur, becomes citified.
Jumpei Niki (played by Eiji Okada [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), a citified schoolteacher and amateur entomologist, has spent the day collecting bugs amid the shifting dunes of a seaside outpost.
Curious about what he has left behind, Brook tries out his citified powers on the daughter of the tenant farmer, a simple country girl, heartlessly attaching her affections to him:
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