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being or having the customs or manners or dress of a city person

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Although the current national dress is a citified form of safari suit, Cape Verdean delegations boarding airplanes for Europe are resplendent in well-cut three-piece suits from Lisbon.
These books take place mostly in Minnesota, which is also refreshing; one gets a little tired of Southern cutesiness and hardboiled, citified cynicism.
So many people are so citified, they don't remember who they are as human beings.
Aa But when the locals, Berber tribesmen or citified tourist guides, learned I was Palestinian they spilled their hearts in welcome, sympathy and prayers for Palestine.
Zip Coon, a mainstay in early minstrelsy, was a character often performed wearing similar tight pants and dandyish garb, a citified counterpoint to the "bulging eyes, jutting hips, loose facial expressions, and elongated, flapping feet" of the raggedly-clad Jim Crow character.
Another surprise: Entries on my daily walks in the nearby park were mostly complaints about how tame and citified this strip of land was.
Some people prefer the more citified feel of nearby Eugene," the magazine said.
Similarly, Marlowe's contemporary, the poet Michael Drayton, characterized a citified fellow with a "familiar butterfly [as] his page" who is dressed in "doublet and cloke with plush and velvet lined," emphasizing the effete urban type who by the 18th century would become the "dandy.
The second is the nighttime hunt in which local men deliberately test citified Milkman's ability to find his way in dark woods.
And, according to wildlife experts, the citified animals have no intention of abandoning their new habitats.
The novel suggests that Firebird must emerge from the primordial ooze to live her dreams, though in the process of becoming more citified, she destroys the searchlights blinding birds, causing them to be electrocuted on the power lines.
toward a more citified economy, aristocracy and gentry constituted a
Yet he also parodies himself, as his dress and citified manners may be read as imitations of or aspirations toward whiteness.
She deftly notes the ambivalence with which the citified middle- and upper-classes of the late nineteenth-century regarded manual labor: at once lauding images of Jeffersonian yeoman farmers or sculpted Greek athletes, and disparaging the vision of menial and inferior physicality allegedly transcended with elite training and expensive gym equipment.
An older artist figure, Bob (like the text, which ends by returning to its start, disappearing Mobius-ly into itself, his name is palindromic), has reconstructed an "average, citified house .
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