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Synonyms for cite

Synonyms for cite

to refer to by name

to bring forward for formal consideration

Synonyms for cite

a short note recognizing a source of information or of a quoted passage



Related Words

refer to for illustration or proof

advance evidence for

call in an official matter, such as to attend court

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ITAP activities have included training enforcement personnel in inspection of wildlife shipments and related enforcement techniques, legal and regulatory workshops for government officials, field studies to monitor the status of traded species, assistance in preparation for CITES meetings, improving the operations of wildlife rescue centers, and evaluating the adequacy of existing regulations and laws.
For example, the book's editors, as well as authors of additional chapters in the book (other than the chapter cited), have an interest to cite the book in their papers so that readers become more familiar with it.
33,658 species regulated by CITES are included in Appendix II.
Misconception #2: CITES only protects endangered species.
The sociologists he cites underline the importance of the demographic decline of the clergy to the point of extinction.
In Reforming Teacher Preparation and Licensing: Debating the Evidence (2000), Darling-Hammond cites numerous studies to support the statement: "Knowledge about teaching and learning shows even stronger relationships to teaching effectiveness than subject-matter knowledge.
There is a requirement for CITES to coordinate its conservation status of species with that of IWC.
In the citation world, short paths might arise, for example, if a paper in astrophysics cites a paper in sociology.
Granted, this most recent book most probably appeared too late for Kiefer to cite in his study, nor do I expect him to refer to the entire range of my critical works on The Spanish Tragedy, which is only one of the many plays he analyzes.
In doing so I have not "replaced" Sojourner Truth but "cited" her, as she cites Jesus.
In Chapter Four, Lipset cites poll data to suggest that a large minority of blacks are out of step with current conservative opinion (which is more properly called free market liberal opinion) when they continue to hold out for preferential treatment at the hands of the state.
although Hakutani cites the 1969 remarks of Edward Margolies, who had condemned Wright for his unfavorable portrayal of black women).
94-38, which cites Plainfield-Union to support the deduction of such costs.