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Synonyms for cite

Synonyms for cite

to refer to by name

to bring forward for formal consideration

Synonyms for cite

a short note recognizing a source of information or of a quoted passage



Related Words

refer to for illustration or proof

advance evidence for

call in an official matter, such as to attend court

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As environmental considerations take an increasingly prominent role in the negotiation and implementation of free trade agreements, it is likely that CITES will remain an important aspect of future agreements.
If these benefits are large enough, they can outweigh the advantages to cite the journal article discussed at the beginning, and then citing the book might be socially desirable.
Misconception #3: CITES only protects wild specimens.
The sociologists he cites underline the importance of the demographic decline of the clergy to the point of extinction.
Darling-Hammond, in Teaching and Knowledge: Policy Issues Posed by Alternative Certification for Teachers (1992), asserts that there are "consistently positive relationships between student achievement in science and the teacher's background in both education courses and science courses," and she cites four studies in support of this statement.
There is a requirement for CITES to coordinate its conservation status of species with that of IWC.
In the citation world, short paths might arise, for example, if a paper in astrophysics cites a paper in sociology.
Source: Current Cites, Berkeley, CA; http://sunsite.
Kiefer not only neglects to cite Bercovitch, but he also does not refer to Robert Knapp's pertinent Lacanian discussion of the play's texts and author-figures in Shakespeare - The Theater and the Book (1989), which he cites only in a footnote on 2 Henry IV (335n.
In doing so I have not "replaced" Sojourner Truth but "cited" her, as she cites Jesus.
although Hakutani cites the 1969 remarks of Edward Margolies, who had condemned Wright for his unfavorable portrayal of black women).
94-38, which cites Plainfield-Union to support the deduction of such costs.
To qualify as a CITES "observer," an NGO must be technically qualified in "protection, conservation, or management of wild fauna and flora.