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Synonyms for cite

Synonyms for cite

to refer to by name

to bring forward for formal consideration

Synonyms for cite

a short note recognizing a source of information or of a quoted passage



Related Words

refer to for illustration or proof

advance evidence for

call in an official matter, such as to attend court

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Now that CITE has reached that point, 2010 proves to be exciting.
To view La Cite de Mirabel's project, please see the following video: http://youtu.
Portzamparc's musically inspired career, which began with the Eric Satie Conservatoire in 1981 and was followed by a dance school for the Nanterre Opera (AR November 1989), has now reached a perplexingly idiosyncratic maturity with the Cite de la Musique.
Although only eight of the above thirteen publications cite the 1988 literature intervention study, the pattern of citations and the information within all thirteen papers is consistent with the possibility that the 1988 intervention provided the main stimulus for this new work (see especially Schoenen et al.
Vendors and solution providers play a key role in the consumerization landscape and dialogue, and the CITE Conference + Expo provides them the perfect platform to exchange ideas and feature products with hundreds of business users and buyers.
For example, the book's editors, as well as authors of additional chapters in the book (other than the chapter cited), have an interest to cite the book in their papers so that readers become more familiar with it.
Noting that the Antelope Valley looks like a ``war zone'' on July Fourth from people shooting off skyrockets and other illegal imports from outside California, Smith proposed making it a misdemeanor to ``aid and abet'' illegal fireworks displays -- just as police can cite spectators at illegal street races.
I hope that these observations explain my decision not to cite the article by Zeman et al.
However, the findings suggest that adolescents choose to abstain from sex for a variety of reasons, and that sexually inexperienced and sexually experienced adolescents cite similar reasons for choosing abstinence, they said.
They cite three grounds for optimism: the catechetical movement, the charismatic movement and the base communities.
Nonetheless, Members of Congress who ask for "blue ribbon panels" should be more cautious in selecting studies to cite when sounding public alarms.
A few unpublished studies ultimately proved impossible to find, but we eventually looked at every published study, some going as far back as the 1940s, that supporters of teacher certification cite, We also retrieved many unpublished studies, mostly doctoral dissertations, Even though these dissertations had not undergone the peer-review process that most academic fields consider a prerequisite, we were willing to consider any evidence, In the end, we closely examined the findings of well over 200 studies, literature reviews, meta-analyses, and advocacy pieces.
A fractional citation counting method is used to ensure that papers are sampled across the various disciplines of science without biasing the selection to fields that inherently cite more than others (Small & Sweeney, 1985).
In Chapter Four, Lipset cites poll data to suggest that a large minority of blacks are out of step with current conservative opinion (which is more properly called free market liberal opinion) when they continue to hold out for preferential treatment at the hands of the state.