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Synonyms for cite

Synonyms for cite

to refer to by name

to bring forward for formal consideration

Synonyms for cite

a short note recognizing a source of information or of a quoted passage



Related Words

refer to for illustration or proof

advance evidence for

call in an official matter, such as to attend court

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Court of Appeals opinions are publishable and citable if the case establishes, modifies, criticizes, or clarifies a rule of law, or if the case "involves a legal or factual issue of unique interest or substantial public importance.
Figure 3: Citable and non-citable sources that cite Internext Documentos citables Documentos no citables 2007 2 0 2008 4 3 2009 1 12 2010 7 10 2011 10 15 2012 12 12 2013 34 17 2014 10 4 Source: Prepared by the author using PoP Note: Table made from bar graph.
Khawaj Barrister Ali Zafar adopted the stance that there are many glorious and citable examples of other judges who on account of much less ground for pious have gracefully refused themselves from hearing the case when any of the party mentioned of the possible biased before them.
The author or coauthor of 19 reviewed journal articles and 34 other citable publications (conference proceedings), he is credited with 12 invention disclosures and five patent applications.
Be sure, though, to warn students that the prefatory notes are not fair game for citable historical research.
In fact, data collected from the SCImago Journal shows that Arab League countries produced in total 54,151 citable documents in 2013 while Spain produced 72,633 and South Korea reached 67,783 documents.
F1000Research's publishing platform has been especially popular with the bioinformatics community, because the article can be linked to a permanent and citable instance of the relevant software code, and a new version of the article can be published when the software itself is updated.
But losing in court is something the organization can never move past, never outlive, and is a citable legal precedent its enemies will never forget.
In the Archive, these digital performance texts are made accessible and citable "for close study in the classroom and citation in scholarship, and they can become a part of the cultural experience of new, globally distributed and potentially unlimited audiences both now and in the future" (Huang, "Global Shakespeare 2.
Tal vez, el texto mas citable para demostrar que en la incorporacion de lo cotidiano se transgrede la ley tacita de callar lo infimo, lo que no conviene decir, sea "la vibora".
5) Publication planners can use this information to incorporate steps to increase production of citable publications.
Hay una frase de la persona menos citable del mundo --sobre todo en asuntos intelectuales--que es el Vasco, Javier Aguirre, que, cuando jugaba en las Chivas, dijo: "Si al tirar un penalti pienso en el hambre que estan pasando los pobres del mundo, me van a temblar las patas.
Evidence-based health policy research literature is greatly needed to inform all types of health policy debate--scientific, legal, ethical, and financial--and can provide legislators with the tangible, citable, influential medical information they need to effectively address health care issues and make appropriate policy changes.
The JIF is calculated by dividing the number of journal articles cited by other researchers in a given year by the total number of citable articles published in the previous two years.
Reduction in the number of citable articles in denominator increases IF (editors should restrict the number of review and original articles).