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a sac or cavity containing fluid especially lymph or cerebrospinal fluid


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We included all reported cases of fetal mega cisterna magna from January 2007 till July 2011.
05 cm, from skin to the posterior wall of cisterna magna, the level of significance was set at 5% (two-sided analysis) with 90% power and an allowable error a at 0.
Cystic posterior fossa malformations - Dandy Walker malformation, Dandy Walker variant, mega cisterna magna, Blake's pouch cyst, arachnoid cyst.
Cisterna joins as a senior member of the production team and will be opening FirstKey Lending's West Coast office in Los Angeles, California.
Es mi proposito y mision de vida, como cualquier otra cisterna del mundo.
Healthcare "is the sector they prefer, since it allows them to establish contacts with politics and with public administration," Cisterna said.
El cuestionario considero cuatro aspectos: i) caracterizacion de las familias (responsable por la cisterna y numero de moradores); ii) relacion con la cisterna (como la forma de abastecimiento, satisfaccion, duracion de agua de lluvia captada); iii) aspectos de mejora de vida (salud y renta); y, iv) caracteristicas del periodo antes de la cisterna (lugar de donde se recogia agua, distancia y tiempo del transporte y calidad del agua).
Though the lead actors are from Toronto and Los Angeles, supporting characters are in the process of being cast from Sudbury, which Cisterna calls "the filmmaking centre of Northern Ontario.
Oberste MS, Michele SM, Maher K, Schnurr D, Cisterna D, Junttila N, et al.
In January, the tyre manufacturer decided to close down its Cisterna di Latina factory South of Rome.
The house is reached from a small, fertile valley, winding up from the east to the north; a tapestry of small farms and glittering cisterna, threaded on one track.
A catheter was immediately placed into the CSF at the level of the cisterna magna at the base of the brain and connected to a subcutaneously placed mini-pump loaded with Inosine.
Address : ( S) Municipality Of Cisterna Di Latina Via Zanella 2 Cisterna Di Latina 04012
RESUMEN: La cisterna del aparato de Golgi de las celulas principales del epididimo del perro, fueron tratados con el metodo de tetroxido de zinc iodide-osmium (ZIO).