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having unsuitable feminine qualities

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Cissy, 81, was said to have been gasping for air and had heart palpitations as she arrived from her home in New Jersey.
Facing radiotherapy, Cissy decided to shave off her own hair and donate it to the Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for chil dren who lose their hair during cancer treatment.
Cissy, touchingly played by Lynne Whitaker, is |ighty and friendly, rather less secure than the others and displaying some signs of dementia.
Cissy thanked Madame Tussauds for honouring her daughter.
Bobbi Kristina, 19, has revealed that she and her boyfriend Nick Gordon, who was also raised by the star, don't support Cissy Houston's new tell-all 'Remembering Whitney' and believe the book is "disrespectful".
But if they said, 'You're a big cissy Nancy boy' I'd go to extremes to prove them wrong.
Brown's grandmother, Cissy Houston, has dismissed the relationship as 'incestuous,' according to the (http://www.
Beebe picked Cissy Rucker as the agency's next director.
Besides Kochery, Hope Qatar director Cissy Mathew and adviser P N Baburajan also accompanied the children.
There are a succession of visitors for gratification purposes and he has an uneasy relationship with one regular guest in particular - Cissy (Carey Mulligan, above).
We first met Cissy in Stop The Train, but this story can be read in isolation without any problems.
Mom and daughter, Cissy, 47, and Danielle Kast, 18, of Eugene, ran the race together for the first time Saturday.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- Cissy Baker today was named vice president of the Washington News Bureau for Tribune Company, overseeing all newsgathering operations in the nation's capital for the company's publishing, broadcasting and interactive divisions.
Yet Dee Dee Warwick was also very much in the family, which included their aunty, Cissy Houston, and her daughter, Whitney.