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Synonyms for cisalpine

on the Italian or Roman side of the Alps


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These nations were geographically designated and in Padua included cisalpine and transalpine areas.
Titus Livius (64 or 59 BCE-17 CE) lived in the backwoods of Cisalpine Gaul, now northern Italy, and does not seem to have been engaged in the literary or political circles of Rome.
Under the peace treaty of Campo Formio, the Cisalpine and Ligurian Republics were established under French influence.
Berington, Butler, and Lingard, each a Cisalpine insofar as he was willing to consider doctrinal matters secondary to political emancipation (although not all scholars consider this an appropriate label as regards Lingard), deflected traditional anti-Catholic objections to the Jesuits.
Commissions and retainers had to be paid in cash, and by 1803 he was receiving regular bribes from Austria, Prussia, Naples, the Pope, the King of Sardinia, the Cisalpine Republic, the Batavian Republic, and the Ottoman Grand Vizier.
Narrator C: The following year, Caesar receives a military command that includes the Roman province of Cisalpine Gaul.
In standard language, our two prefixes serve to locate the referent of the head noun of a noun phrase with respect to the referent of the base of the prefixed adjective, which is conceptualized as a frontier: cisalpine region, for example, means 'region located on this side of the Alps' (from the point of view of the speaker/writer), while transalpine region means 'region located on the other side of the Alps.
This stream marked the boundary between Italy proper and Cisalpine Gaul, inside which a general was not to lead his army without express permission of the Senate; to do so amounted to a declaration of civil war.