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Synonyms for cirrostratus

a thin uniform layer of hazy cloud at high altitude

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Relatively transparent cirrostratus fibratus clouds occur mostly in winter and often produce a halo effect around the sun or moon.
The Cirrostratus offers the advantages of completely conformal
Divided into sections devoted to low, middle, and high clouds, this field guide to the skies includes such details as the ferocious, storm-producing capabilities of the cumulonimbus, the UFO-like appearance of the altocumulus lenticularis, and the halo-forming tendencies of the cirrostratus.
Rosenfeld, who died in 1994, resided in The Bronx, NY) Cirrostratus fibratus, (C)1988 Arjen & Jerrine Verkaik/SKYART, Elmwood, Ontario, Canada Cirrocumulus undulatus, (C)Richard A.