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Unfortunately, there are few accounts that compare settlement biology among balanomorphan cirripedes.
In conclusion, our analysis and previous studies show that there is significant variation in cypris antennular structure among cirripedes.
The cypris larvae of the cirripedes are planktonic, and when they fall on rocks they attach themselves by means of a cement-like substance secreted by glands in the first antennae.
19-20) shows how the cirripedes have undergone "perfection" in some features but not others.
The 10 species studied came from most major groups of cirripedes, and comprised shallow-water forms inhabiting hard bottoms (Capitulum mitella, Pollicipes pollicipes, Semihalanus balanoides, Austrominius modestus, Megabalanus rosa), sublittoral forms (Verruca stroemia, Scalpellum scalpellum), epibiotic forms settling on live, soft tissues (Balanus spongicola, Savignium crenatum), and a parasite (Peltogaster paguri).
This species, shown here on a patch of the seaweed Jania rubens, eats polychaetes, mollusks, and cirripedes.
Tar pellets and plastics as attachment surfaces for lepadid cirripedes in the North Atlantic Ocean.
Crustaceans predominated at both intertidal sites; malacostracans were most abundant at I1 (44%), whereas cirripedes were most numerous at I2 (39%).
We were unable to determine whether a seventh thoracic division, which might be expected in cirripedes (see Grygier, 1987), was present in the cyprid.
Egg size, nauplius size, and their variation with local, geographical, and specific factors in some common cirripedes.
The morphology of the cirripede central nervous system is unique amongst arthropods in that it has undergone extensive modification associated with the sessile mode of life in the adult barnacle.