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Synonyms for circuit

Synonyms for circuit

a line around a closed figure or area

a closed plane curve everywhere equidistant from a fixed point or something shaped like this

a course, process, or journey that ends where it began or repeats itself

circular movement around a point or about an axis

an area regularly covered, as by a policeman or reporter

a group of athletic teams that play each other

Synonyms for circuit

a journey or route all the way around a particular place or area

an established itinerary of venues or events that a particular group of people travel to

Related Words

the boundary line encompassing an area or object

(law) a judicial division of a state or the United States (so-called because originally judges traveled and held court in different locations)

movement once around a course

make a circuit

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The scoop: Johannson, a native of Vaxjo, Sweden, has shown steady improvement since joining the circut.
These networks offer customers constant access to host computers by means of a permanent virtual circut and synchronous communication capability.
The original circut keeps the on board CPU from harsh hostile environment while the second one watches the communication and host computer secure operation.
Biological Defense; Chemical Defense; Sensors; Special Operations; Survival Equipment; Underwater Systems/Weapons; NBC Protective Hood; Masks and Filters; NBC Detection Equipment; Closed Circut Rebreathers
Smyth has been touted as the leading Irish contender by Padraig Harrington who feels he is most in touch with the current circut.
Those were two rodeos that a guy really counts on, especially in our circut," Alires said.
Management at New Circut Engineering, which has moved into a new pounds 500,000 factory unit in Glasgow's Maryhill district, is only too aware of the crucial role training can play in helping to expand.
In 29 years on the European circut Smyth's career earnings before last weekend's Madrid Open were EUR2,588,761 - substantially lower than Irwin's haul in just 10 months
1 in the Columbia River Circut, and Todd McKay, ranked No.