circus tent

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a canvas tent to house the audience at a circus performance

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A young blonde lady with much shorter hair than the barmaid from The Mitre Inn was near the circus tent making enquiries and I invited her into our caravan for a chat over a cup of coffee, and she told me that she had worked for Austen's Circus.
Retired Skunk Works President Ben Rich said the name was inspired by the stench from a plastic factory next door to the circus tent in which the P-80 designers were working.
CIRCUS tent on the National Eisteddfod Maes is the setting for Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru's exhilarating Welsh-language production of Shakespeare's The Tempest.
Luckily the event was staged under a large circus tent, with beverages and hot dog stands around - beat that "T4 on the Beach".
A circus tent will feature acts from Bruce Bilodeau, circus skills workshops, Fanti acrobats and tight rope walker and acrobat Kwabana Lindsay.
Once in Ferndale, in the Rhondda, the circus tent blew away overnight.
Dave and Ann were married under a circus tent, there being no room for them in any of the 350-plus churches in that local diocese, four of which he had served with distinction in his previous 18 years as a priest.
The meadow looks as if a leafy circus tent has collapsed on it, the corners still caught in nearby trees.
When the 103rd Congress collapsed its circus tent last October to return home to the embittered voters, it left behind the Clinton administration's environmental agenda like forgotten litter.
Here she poses in front of the circus tent - the big top - before a performance in Wisconsin.
The circus tent will be set up on the east side of Viejas Casino & Outlet Center.
Bianco No Fit State Circus Tent, John Street, Cardiff: 7.
On the school grounds at present is a circus tent, which is to be reduced prior to construction of the new building.
And the young Brownies juggled, hula-hooped and wire walked their way around the circus tent.
At that time the circus tent was erected on spare land at the rear of McCreton Street on Longlands and it was there I saw the remarkable "human cannonball".