circus acrobat

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an acrobat who performs acrobatic feats in a circus

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Moscow State Circus acrobat, Zviad Garabashvili, flies high in the sky above Sefton Park Picture: COLIN LANE/
A daredevil circus acrobat has set a new world record for cycling along a high wire.
There follows a James Bondish romp across Russia and America as Lord connects with a female Russian circus acrobat, works through a prophecy by Rasputin, and solves a mystery surrounding the murders of Nicholas II and his family.
There was a jumbo vase ringed with trumpeting elephants; dancing bears, elephants and tigers on top of drums; and circus acrobat figurines.
Which European royal has fallen for two circus acrobat brothers?
He participated in sports and plays and it was there that he met a former circus acrobat by the name of "Curly" Brent who introduced him to the world of gymnastics and parallel bars.
Former circus acrobat Lenya White, 30 , is setting up her own business and has created bespoke cake and health bars with the help of Working Links PICTURE: Peter Bolter (c)
It was a noble aim for the working class son of a circus acrobat - who was turned down for a job as a bus conductor.
VLADIMIR Krytsun sounds like he could be anything from a James Bond star to a G8 leader or even a Blackpool Tower Circus acrobat.
I WAS horrified to see your picture of a circus acrobat balancing on a poor sea-lion's nose.
The woefully under-strength audience at St David's Hall was mainly female, middle class and middle-aged and they roared with recognition as Eclair bounded around the st circus acrobat the decrepitu brings and em fulness, invisib titude it afford But the for who seems to as a 'right old tage like a deluded t, equally ranting at ude that menopause mbracing the forgetbility and relaxed atds her.
Using only a balancing pole, the circus acrobat, 45, walked 5,249ft downhill from one mountain station to another.
Subjects in the exhibition include the Crimean nurse and heroine Mary Seacole, the first black British footballer Arthur Wharton, celebrated actor Ira Aldridge, and circus acrobat Miss La-La.
THE marriage of Princess Stephanie to a circus acrobat looks to have hit the rocks after 10 months.
CIRCUS acrobat Wilmer Vega, 28, is looking for a wife willing to sign a document promising to have 12 children.