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Competition law enforcement in the area of industrial property-related restrictive agreements largely has become a mere matter of administrative (rather than democratic) legislation instead of a process of specific, circumstantiated administrative practice and judicial case law development.
Among a People [the inhabitants of Bermuda] of this Character, and in a Situation thus circumstantiated, it would seem that a Seminary of Religion and Learning might very fitly be placed.
Each observation is immediately followed by a more circumstantiated discussion of that observation.
Racial and ethnic difference emerge in part through the ideological mapping of humoral difference--as revealed in Paster's discussion of the contest for "blood" in Merchant of Venice and her extraordinary quotation from Sir Robert Boyle, who wished to investigate "the Difference between Humane Blood as 'tis found in sound Persons differingly constituted and circumstantiated, as men, women (when menstruous and when not), Children, Moors, Negro's etc" (67).
I want to begin there, nevertheless, by positing some connections between the petits recits, the circumstantiated struggles, the perishing trajectories of love and thought--the materials and occasions of postmodern culture--and some American stories of our time.