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give circumstantial evidence for

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In jurisprudenta sa, Curtea Constitutionala romana a interpretat dispozitia constitutionala ce permite exercitarea competentei legislative de catre un organ al puterii executive (19), Guvernul, ca impunand intrunirea cumulativa a unei cauze stricte (situatia extraordinara) si a unor conditii circumstantiate (obligatia de a motiva urgenta, depunerea spre adoptare la Parlament si publicarea in Monitorul Oficial).
In order to circumstantiate the architecture of the Venice framework, it is necessary to explain some of the major preconditions immanent to it.
The LD construction also allows us to circumstantiate Reinhart's claim that sentence topics have to be referential entities.
This criterion becomes applicable especially when a rule of law uses different degrees of generality, when it circumstantiates the type of recipients.
Indeed, a prominent aspect of civil liability for defective products is that the criterion used to delimitate between safe and defective products circumstantiates producers' responsibility for damages caused to the extent to which only foreseeable use of product may be used as background for liability; however, due to the antagonistic substance of the two criteria proposed by legal practice (foreseeable use of product against legitimate expectations of consumer), the larger extent of the second criterion may be used as argument for its generalization.