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in minute detail


without advance planning

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27) Leadership role is neither dormant nor static but changes circumstantially.
15 Charter rights of women who, geographically or circumstantially, cannot access a pro-choice physician in a free and timely fashion.
Our data support a preliminary report on biliary atresia, which indicated circumstantially increased CTGF concentrations in progressive liver disease (8).
Several temporal and circumstantially related patterns of SCI pain are notable (e.
In such a case, testimony from other similarly-situated corporate executives that (1) they participated in the same events as the defendant but did not believe they were engaged in fraud, or (2) they never discussed fraud or had other conspiratorial conversations with the defendant, is exculpatory because it demonstrates circumstantially that the defendant was unaware of any fraud and did not act with criminal intent.
Circumstantially, this happens to be the same year, which was written on the mould for stove tiles, depicted above.
In this study the geographical isolation of the program was one additional aspect of the cohort which circumstantially bound the group together as a unit.
The fact that the Iban expanded their territory rapidly in the 19th and early 20th centuries indirectly supports this notion, but only circumstantially.
Circumstantially befitting women of their respective ages in front of a mirror, Mrs.
Circumstantially childless women are those who actually want children but fall into two types: the 'thwarted mothers' (those for whom life didn't create the right set of circumstances to enable babymaking) and the 'waiters and watchers' (those who are chronically ambivalent, endlessly deliberating the pros and cons until it is too late).
Further environmental insults, such as those circumstantially associated with the major main events of August and September 1999, contributed to a larger percentage of stressed and crowded lobsters susceptible to paramoebal infection and presumably, a subpopulation of lobsters that died during the mass mortality died with paramoebiasis (Mullen et al.
Their being whipped is presented only circumstantially.
The circumstantially childless are described as 'Thwarted mothers' and 'Waiters and watchers', and these are the topics of Chapters 2 and 3.
In other words, allowing plaintiffs to circumstantially prove
Such combinations recur frequently in Henning's works, wherein instances of the broad quotation of disjunctive imagery and styles are handled not through layering and juxtaposition but rather via spatially logical if circumstantially unexpected arrangements.