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Synonyms for circumstance

Synonyms for circumstance

existing surroundings that affect an activity

one of the conditions or facts attending an event and having some bearing on it

something that happens

Synonyms for circumstance

a condition that accompanies or influences some event or activity

the set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation or event

information that should be kept in mind when making a decision

formal ceremony about important occasions

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The resource provider records the first three circumstances as a debit to refundable advance and a credit to an asset or payable; the recipient organization records them as a debit to an asset and a credit to refundable advance.
The age of the consent giver, the intimidating actions of police, the time of day, and the consent giver's familiarity with the area are proper considerations under the totality of the circumstances evaluation of whether consent is voluntary.
This assertion seemingly gives a transactional connotation to the profit-oriented approaches and therefore draws them closer to the typical methodologies by requiring that transfer prices among non-arm's length parties be defensible by reference to comparable transactions and circumstances of independent counterparties.
This makes no sense whatsoever, and from the perspective of one former prosecutor, I firmly believe that the latter circumstance is more premeditated and aggravated.
for a taxpayer to claim a reduced maximum exclusion under section 121(c), tire sale or exchange must be by reason of a change in place of employment, health, or unforeseen circumstances .
the way something happens <Please explain the circumstances of the accident.
Mired in this "web of circumstance," Ben seeks revenge on Colonel Thornton, whom he mistakenly believes to be guilty of framing him.
Other expectations include, under certain circumstances, preparing emergency plans, providing employees with medical examinations or immunizations, thoroughly investigating accidents, and keeping appropriate records.
Determined to keep Sassounian in prison, prosecutors decided in September to retry him on the nationality issue, as well as the special circumstance that he lay in wait for the victim.
Under the temporary (and proposed) regulations, a sale or exchange is due to unforeseen circumstances if the primary reason for the sale or exchange is the occurrence of an event that the taxpayer does not anticipate before purchasing and occupying the residence.
I think it would be difficult for (Sassounian) to get a fair trial under the circumstances,'' said Varsenig Der Megerdichian, a member of the Sassounian Defense Committee, which raises money for his legal fees.
If Johnson is convicted of murder and at least one special circumstance, the same jury will return later to determine sentencing.
2(2) provides that "[e]very person who makes or furnishes, participates in the making of or causes another person to make or furnish a statement that the person knows, or would reasonably be expected to know but for circumstances amounting to culpable conduct, is a false statement that could be used by another person .
After examining all of the facts and circumstances, it would be inequitable to include the item of community income in the spouse's gross income.