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  • verb

Synonyms for circumnavigate

to pass around but not through

Synonyms for circumnavigate

travel around, either by plane or ship


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Meanwhile, a suspicious-looking fox (suspicious-looking largely on account of its actually being a dog) anxiously circumnavigates the corpse, though never professing its love vocally.
president is illegal, but Baker's novella - really more a one-act play, as the book is nothing but dialogue - circumnavigates this with a legal loophole, a 1969 Supreme Court ruling declaring that speech advocating violence or the commission of crimes could not be suppressed.
Since first blinking to life almost 17 years ago, more than 10,000 messages have been carried by the "Crown Lights," the bank of bulbs that circumnavigates the top of the 27-story PECO headquarters building at 2301 Market Street, a local landmark on the Philadelphia skyline.
MNA is a consortium of Independent Operating Companies (IOC) that is deploying a regional DWDM optical network which circumnavigates the state of Missouri providing wavelength services to its customers.
The race, which is held every four years and is celebrating its 20th anniversary, circumnavigates the globe by way of the five great capes.
Beginning October 3, UPS will operate an additional weekly flight that circumnavigates the globe using a Boeing 767-300 freighter.
The film, written by Adam Greenman and directed by Peter Levin, neatly circumnavigates the seamier side of the case while offering enough asides to suggest its depths of depravity.
By offering an integrated, robust, 32-bit solution, Microrim circumnavigates the programmer's need to continually develop new technologies themselves to circumvent cumbersome, multiple layers found in the market.