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Synonyms for circumlocution

Synonyms for circumlocution

a style that involves indirect ways of expressing things

an indirect way of expressing something

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The greatest circumlocution since "It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is": Hillary Clinton, describing an argument over whether the raid on Osama bin Laden's hideout could be scheduled during the White House Correspondents' Dinner, at which Barack Obama was scheduled to speak: "While I don't remember exactly what I said, some in the media have quoted me using a four-letter word to dismiss the correspondents' dinner.
An anonymous narrator, who continuously complains autologically about his own poor writing and circumlocution, is actually Wright, a Californian from Boston.
The attack on Charlie Hebdo must be condemned without circumlocution, and it has given Turkey a good opportunity to question itself.
referring to membership surveys indicating that ALWD should "modify its rules to acknowledge those traditions," an admirably polite circumlocution surely intended to refer to Bluebook form).
Mohammad(name of prophet) followed by (Sala allah elieh wa sallam (peace be upon him) polite speech by circumlocution in Yemeni) translated to (Hazrate Mohammad sal allah, khatamolanbia (metaphor), and Peighambare akram) official and polite speech in Persian.
Unless the Birmingham MPs, whose contribution to date has been pathetic, commit themselves wholeheartedly and make the fight for justice a cause celebre, the campaign will go round in circles like the Circumlocution Office in Dickens' Little Dorrit where no public business of any kind makes progress.
In this, Gritsch resorts to no evasion or circumlocution but offers a frank and forceful acknowledgement of Luther's own irrational and violent animus toward Jews and Judaism, which is traced through the entire trajectory of his career--even though this aberration was so much at odds with the rest of Luther's thinking and teaching.
This is not to say that Rowland did not have a fierce side that sometimes erupted in a department meeting, or in a discussion about curriculum, or in the face of bureaucratic interventions from some Circumlocution Office or another.
If your eyes aren't blinkered you see an Egypt inured to everyday circumlocution, insanity held at bay by the skin of its teeth.
And this instalment was certainly an ornate extravaganza of copious circumlocution, largely courtesy of Iain Glen who played a bitter and twisted ex-army colonel who'd arrived in town to recruit his former grunt - and the show's kind-hearted heavy - Sgt Drake into a life of crime.
Charles Dickens's depiction of the Circumlocution Office in Little Dorrit (20) is less severe but perhaps more familiar, as is to be expected from someone writing about a more securely ordered and at least quasi-democratic regime.
Here comes the important role of the writer to express his opinion clearly without circumlocution, and to "reweigh things" according to the real world information, not to contribute to changing it, but to know how to protect his head from the stones of anger, or whatever may be worse.
Thought must always remain in progress: that is axiomatic for the tape poems, since the ultimate entrapment driving Ammons to ceaseless circumlocution is death.
It can be easily observed that, the Kalabari language, like many evolving languages, tends to express technical matter through description or circumlocution, rather than concision which, according to Martins and Vigner (1976) is necessary for technical speech.
19) But for all his circumlocution, he had by 1925 advanced a theory of war based on an air attack against the enemy's national resources rather than against his armed forces, and had suggested, in his plan for seizing island bases, a means by which the United States could conduct such a war against either Europe or Asia.