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Synonyms for circumference

Synonyms for circumference

a line around a closed figure or area

Synonyms for circumference

the size of something as given by the distance around it


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the boundary line encompassing an area or object

the length of the closed curve of a circle

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Waist circumference was considered high if >90cm in males and >80cm in females (International Diabetes Federation cut-off points for South Asians).
15] MUAC correlates significantly both with abdominal adiposity (measured by waist circumference or WHR) along with overall adiposity (as measured by BMI and body fat).
org/article/S0002-9149(16)31612-5/abstract) study in the American Journal of Cardiology  looked at the upper arms of almost 600 older adults with cardiovascular disease and found a link between their circumferences - the distances around them - and survival rates.
The mean post intervention scores of weight, BMI, waist circumference, hip circumference, and Waist-hip ratio following 3 weeks and 6 weeks of dance aerobics was lower than the mean pre intervention score (P < 0.
Keywords: Neck circumference, Waist circumference, metabolic syndrome, Obesity, Diabetes mellitus.
In conclusion, neck circumference is an easy clinical examination tool not only for screening overweight and obesity in the pediatric population and predicting the risk of metabolic syndromes, but also to predict obstructive sleep apnea.
In Turkey, the current head circumference growth charts commonly used by Turkish clinicians are for children aged less than 36 months (6).
But in the case of this depth issue, the garment circumference isn't changed because the bust dart is a horizontal dart.
The 10,851 children in this study had two or more head circumference measurements in their medical records.
The objective of this study was to establish the correlations between anthropometric data like BMI, forearm circumference and hand circumference with MGS in order to establish a simple model to predict Maximal Grip Strength.
They found that men with waists 43 inches or greater in circumference had a 50 percent higher mortality risk than men with waists less than 35 inches, and this translated to about a three-year lower life expectancy after age 40.
Methods to predict sperm production potential and particularly to identify the bulls with high sperm output potential at an early age are important, which is related with testicular parameters and scrotal circumference.
According to the new policy, those taking only the abdominal circumference component of the fitness assessment will pass with the component minimum score as opposed to the composite 75 score as was previously required.
Diameter ratios (Table 2) (biacromialD/bi-iliacD, wristD/ankleD, and elbowD/kneeD) were used to examine age-related skeletal changes for the upper body bony versus the lower body bony landmarks, while circumference ratios (bicepsC/thighC and forearmC/calfC) were used to assess the patterns of girth changes across age for the trunk as well as the upper extremities versus the lower extremities.