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a circular movement of a limb or eye

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In most of the prosthetic hands described in this article, the thumb is actuated in flexion/extension (simple closing or opening) and along the circumduction axis.
Through his studies with the patient, he found that any strong odor would induce torticollis followed by gait with right foot dragging, circumduction and decerebrate posturing of left arm.
Her gait was circumduction in nature with no isolated control other than what was provided by the extensor synergy.
Capable of an extremely wide range of motion, the shoulder joint is the only joint other than the hip endowed with circumduction ability.
The increased thigh circumference necessitates circumduction of the leg with each stride.
These goals are accomplished by exercises that stretch the pectoralis muscles, exercises that strengthen the muscles between the shoulder blades, and neck exercises, including chin tuck, flexion, rotation, lateral bending, and circumduction.