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cut the skin over the clitoris

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cut the foreskin off male babies or teenage boys

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Promises are made public by the announcement of the identity of the circumciser during initiation rituals, as well as by the practice described by Bell where women choose a mother-in-law for their son through passing the firestick at the nightly dancing.
SUSPICION: There are rumours of a practising circumciser in Balsall Heath.
Interviews were conducted with boys undergoing circumcision, adult Meru men, traditional circumcisers, and hospital staff carrying out circumcision.
They are then gathered together for a blessing from a traditional elder who prays that God and the spirits of the dead guide the whole ceremony by making the hands of the circumcisers "light" so that they will carry out their work effectively.
112) Circumcisers not only make their livelihood, but also maintain social status, by continuing traditional practices.
When Ngunima cast spears, he likewise had acted outside the frame of ritual to perform his spear-throwing in the time-space of secular dealings; the wounded circumciser worked stolidly on, continuing within the frame of ceremony.
The circumciser would show up as soon as he possibly could, taking into account his other obligations.
And in March 1995, Ghana used its anti-FGM statute to arrest the parents and circumciser of an eight-year-old girl who was rushed to the hospital with excessive bleeding.
At Nou twenty years later, we know that a special circumciser was brought in from Luburua to perform the operations.
In-depth interviews were conducted with six state officials, a circumciser, the president of a women's advocacy organisation, and semi-structured interviews with 32 community members.
That is why the Manding circumciser squeezes the ends of the removed foreskins, to make some drops of blood fall on the ground.
Ihongo is a process of genital cutting ritualized by a traditional circumciser.
And in Hasidic, and other ultra-Orthodox Jewish congregations, the ritual includes metzitzah b'peh, a practice in which the mohel, the Jewish ritual circumciser, uses his mouth in a split-second action to suction the blood from the wound.
One circumciser (of little Mary's group), apparently attempting to maintain an air of mystery about the practice, asserts during her interview that none of the girls will divulge what they have undergone in any detail, even under threat of death.