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cut the skin over the clitoris

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cut the foreskin off male babies or teenage boys

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In 2012, the country was able to circumcise about 40 000 men, falling short of the targets of the WHO, according to Masego Thamuku of the University of Bergen.
The doctors who are present here can confirm that we are going to the doctor with our children who suffer from lawalawa and are actually circumcised, and the doctor has said that it does not help to circumcise them, there are some little animals there and they have to be removed in some other way.
Response Frequency Percentage Will circumcise daughter/s 42 21% Will not circumcised daughter 158 79% Total 200 100% The majority (79%) of respondents will not circumcise their daughters while 21% will.
1) We provided the latest available information about circumcision to aid parents in the process of deciding whether to circumcise their baby.
I am unsure whether I am ordered by Islam to circumcise.
The decision to circumcise was a botched one by uninformed or unethical doctors, and then the operation itself was botched.
For the most part, the question about whether to circumcise was treated as a fait accompli.
For group A, four out of seven respondents preferred to circumcise their daughters on basis of traditions, two of the respondents on cleanliness and only one for religious reasons.
It is true that the Eastern Cape (EC)'s Xhosa speakers, who traditionally circumcise, have relatively lower prevalence rates (11%) than KwaZulu-Natal's Zulu speakers (16%), who do not.
Given these risks and benefits, the decision of whether to circumcise a newborn should remain subjective, taking into account the parents' general degree of aversion to risk, the investigators said.
It followed a government campaign in 2010 to circumcise up to 80 per cent of the country's young men - approximately three million people.
Failing to circumcise a child, before their adolescent years when they are inevitably still learning about the importance of maintaining personal hygiene, can lead to urinary tract infections.
The argument that the circumcised penis is 'cleaner' is unsubstantiated, though often encountered among Jews, Muslims and Americans who circumcise the majority of males in infancy or childhood.
Botswana's Ministry of Health aims to circumcise 80% of eligible men, or about 460,000, by 2012.
This argument is often encountered among Jews, Muslims and Americans, all of whom circumcise the majority of males in infancy or childhood, but the notion is absent for example in Scandinavian countries where circumcision is rare.