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walk around something


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And just as Muslim pilgrims stand on Mount Arafat at the peak of every hajj, pre-Islamic pilgrims used to spend a day in the barren plain outside Mecca and return to the city circumambulating the Kaaba.
The Muslims who have converged onto the holy place from the four corners of the world with an ardent desire for circumambulating around the Ka'aba or visiting the shrine of the Noblest Messenger, may the peace of Allah be upon him and his progeny, are expected to cherish the opportunity in consolidating their mutual brotherly bonds as it would heal many woes of the Islamic Ummah.
Earlier he applies the same argument to footwear, saying that "one may put on footwear suitable to the region," insisting on the other hand that one should avoid circumambulating a stupa with one's shoes on.
When the spider vanished, I became extremely upset, and a few days later had a visionary experience in which, while circumambulating Nijo Castle, I looked up to see the spider, now all red, and human-sized, in the sky, flexing in its web.
In one of several references to the title, for example, Pachen tells of her pilgrimage to Mount Kailash, where she will, after circumambulating the mountain, launch her escape to India.
I paid my dubious respects there a month or so ago, circumambulating the marble mausoleum (now clad in cement) like some skeptical pilgrim, and teetering on the rickety ladder at the rear of the edifice which gives you a peep into the dusty interior.
We even have people circumambulating the Ka'bah while their cell phones are ringing--this is a blasphemy of the worst kind that you can imagine.
The two-day extraordinary summit of the Organization of the Islamic Conference comes to a fitting end with OIC leaders, led by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah, circumambulating the Holy Kaaba (tawaf) in an unprecedented show of Islamic unity and solidarity.
That is, by circumambulating the centre of the city they effect the unification of city space (Map 7).
The ritual involves going to the sacred mosque at Mecca, circumambulating the cubic structure called the Ka'ba, which is believed to be the one shrine erected to the worship of the one true God by Abraham and Ishmael.
Circumambulating the piece clockwise, as in rituals prescribed for sacred sites, one passed a sequence of blind and inaccessible walls.
17) Because geometry can be found everywhere in nature and the universe, geometric order underlies the structure of all things from molecules to galaxies, and in the circumambulating of the sacred mosque at Makkah.
Afterwards, respective circumambulating processions are held within the gadoh and kemaliq, followed by prayer periods.
Outside, a pious group of elderly Tibetan women is circumambulating the Dalai Lama's grounds, as if it were a stupa containing relics of Buddha himself.
Thomas Mendip, the hero, laments that "the moon is nothing but a circumambulating aphrodisiac divinely subsidized to provoke the world into a rising birth rate.