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As background to the empirical research conducted in 2011, the survey was circularized in 2008 and 2009 in two events on carbon markets organized by the Stock Exchange of Buenos Aires and the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.
Using a PCR primer that is complementary to all of the hybridized fragments from one target, only circularized DNA targets are amplified.
Accordingly, as "project coordinator" I circularized "the editorial board" in March with a tentative agenda for the next meeting at Sarcelles, strongly emphasizing the board's importance:
Meanwhile, City who's average home attendance this season has dropped alarmingly to around 750 per game, have circularized clubs advising them that their players are available for transfer.
It is scheduled to begin systematically mapping the planet in spring after the orbit has been circularized.
At Christmas time I found booksellers in some of the largest towns in Alberta -- one of the biggest stores right in my own city, for instance -- who had never been canvassed, circularized, or approached in any way in connection with my book.
Mayo reports, allowing enough time to get the satellite in transfer orbit (separated from the launch vehicle), its orbit circularized, moved into place and its antennas deployed.
The constitution prohibits the practice "of offering rental space at price per square foot" in newspapers, periodicals, brochures, listings, rental schedules, hand distributed circulars and circularized mail matter.
The first orbiter's path will then be circularized so that it is matching speeds with Phobos, providing the opportunity for long-term observations (a mode that NASA calls a "rendezvous").