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the roundness of a 2-dimensional figure

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Thus circularity ties Albert Einstein and Carl Jung (physics and psychology) (technology and biology) together, proving everything is cyclical.
Metrics used include the calculated as-spun fiber circularity, fiber surface roughness using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), structure of as-spun and drawn fibers by wide angle X-ray diffraction (WAXD), and tensile properties of drawn precursor fibers.
As depicted in Table 1, the first issue is trying to avoid circularity in thinking.
In rejecting narrative linearity, Petrarch prefers anxiously to submit himself to the repetitive circularity of his own desire and writing of the poetry of desire.
In this tender, the current developments regarding digitization are included within the municipality and innovation for circularity.
There is also a wonderful parallelism and circularity to the story.
I think you can readily see the circularity of these arguments.
Mr Hoban said: "On the point about Northern Rock, I think there is an elegant circularity about this, a former building society being remutualised after its nationalisation.
Alternatively, "The Barley Grinder's Complaint" employs a modulated form of repetition that suits the circularity of the labour described.
The ending reflects the circularity of life and provides a neat closure.
eccentricity, compactness, circularity, tortuosity and length-width ratio) for each cell type k.
Finally, its circularity recalls the cycle of change in nature, the constant renewal of life and death that encompasses all things, at all times.
CE diameter is the diameter of a circle with the same area as the particle, and is back-calculated from area measurements, while circularity is a measure of how close the particle's 2D projection is to a perfect circle.
Even as individual lines and phrases achieve a luminous clarity, there remains a brooding circularity to Tall If, in part the apprehension of mortality at mid-life but in part something stranger.
The circularity of Rios's narrative is evident in almost every chapter/story: the first, "Historia de Mortes" begins with the arrival of a stranger, and we trace his passage through the town until he reaches his own, inconclusive death.