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During the crisis of November 1908 Esher gathered that what Grey proposed to do was "to circularise Europe, and to say that so soon after the Hague Conference, war upon so trivial a pretext was a crime against humanity; that we proposed Arbitration to both Powers, and whichever refused should be considered to have outraged the moral sense of the civilised world, to be the enemy of the human race, and should be treated accordingly.
I suggest you seek permission from those you already have written testaments from to reproduce their letters in the form of a leaflet which you can circularise to other potential users.
A spokesman for the club said last night they would probably circularise other clubs next week, stating that Branch was available for transfer or loan.
I suggest that you circularise your name to interior designers, especially those in the main towns.
Once you have done this, you can circularise your leaflet to potential customers such as companies that require sculptures of their founders.
City Chairman Stephen Vaughan, said last night: ``Unfortunately Darryn hasn't really been involved this season, so Ian (Rush) has decided that probably the best solution for all parties would be to circularise Darryn's availability to other clubs.
Indications from Boston last night were that they were likely to circularise the former Grimsby Town striker's availability to other clubs in an attempt to create an auction for the player.