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electronic equipment consisting of a system of circuits

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Narrower circuitry allows semiconductor companies to pack more storage capacity on a smaller piece of silicon, cutting per-chip production costs.
The wires may also prove useful in circuitry incorporated into textiles, such as a shirt that monitors its wearer's vital signs, and in electronic systems such as instruments launched into space, which must remain reliable despite much vibration.
In addition to the digital logic, these devices can incorporate high-voltage circuitry such as motor controller drives, DC/DC converters, and high-precision analog circuits including bandgap filters, ADCs and DACs.
Moreover, the demand for advanced electrical circuitry to operate computers and local area networks (LAN) will continue to increase, as will standards of excellence.
This panel features an incredible 10,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, for deep blacks and crisp picture quality; Fine Motion Advanced technology for 120 Hz Frame Rate Conversion; enhanced Quick Shoot video circuitry for faster pixel response time of 4ms; and wide viewing angles of 176 degrees, so users can view the television from virtually anywhere in the room.
The researchers patterned all the circuitry, including the transistors, onto sheets of plastic 25 microns thick.
The smaller circuitry and improved materials can pack more processing power on a single chip, helping electronic products from computers to cell phones support new, performance-hungry applications like speech recognition, fingerprint authentication and wireless video.
Figure 1 represents a typical block diagram for CD-RW drive control circuitry, and Figure 2 a typical block diagram of DVD-ROM control circuitry.
From the start, Molecular Circuitry has had the expertise and technical background to educate potential buyers about the unique advantages of the new system.
IBM said its new manufacturing process enables it to make transistors more than 500 times thinner than human hair, or about 30 percent smaller than the circuitry in the most sophisticated chips now available.
NASDAQ:ELTK), the leading Israeli manufacturer of advanced circuitry solutions, today announced the signing of a license agreement with Stablcor, Inc.
Chip makers build such components using a process in which they apply semiconducting, metallic, and insulating layers to a semiconductor wafer to create microscopic circuitry.
By adapting its standard chip manufacturing processes, the company can replace specific expensive image sensors and have most of the remaining circuitry integrated onto the same chip.
Each patent will give Keithley Instruments the exclusive right to manufacture and sell circuitry based on these designs for a period of 17 years.
NASDAQ: ELTK), the leading Israeli manufacturer of advanced circuitry solutions, today announced that it has received a first order from a U.