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a printed circuit that can be inserted into expansion slots in a computer to increase the computer's capabilities

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Clean Circuit Cards in Radar and Engagement Control Station
The printed circuit card assemblies will be used for a range of commercial and military aircraft including the Airbus A350 passenger airline.
But what if we take the circuit card and subject it to an elevated humidity environment--such as 35[degrees]C/70% RH--with no bias or temperature cycling for 16 to 24 hours?
There are just three women - two in California and the other in Montana - who have earned PRCA circuit cards to compete in team roping.
EFTC will supply Agfa with circuit card assemblies used in Agfa's Electronic Prepress Systems (EPS).
An order for 56 circuit card assemblies will be followed six months later-- too late to be added to the first production run-- by an order for one or two or three of the same item at a relatively astronomical unit price.
In discussing this order, Sam Berhumoglu, Vice President, Director of Marketing of the Orbit Instrument Division, indicated, "This newly designed input/output (I/O) circuit card has been tested in real time, at a number of FAA sites, and will be available for system upgrade starting in the first quarter of 2010.
Under this contract Titan will provide critical program support for Analysis Repair and Training of all DoD branches and the Coast Guard for equipment and systems, ship and shore-based, containing electronic circuit card assemblies, electronic modules and/or printed circuit cards.
Through its members, FISC has issued 80 thousand integrated circuit cards and has installed more than one thousand point-of-sale systems with integrated circuit card readers.
For the standard, China Unionpay issued its own chip card standards in 2005, namely, Chinese Financial Integrated Circuit Card Regulations (PBOC2.
Contract Awarded To Fabricate Printed Circuit Card Assemblies For The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning Ii Joint Strike Fighter
Then, just by touching a circuit card, you'll discharge static electricity, often without realizing it.
These parts include phase shift drivers, circuit card assemblies, converters, and data converters.
2, Huntington successfully connected to the system using an integrated circuit card and a secure card reader, replacing the prior use of paper LOGIN/SELECT tables as the means of storing network-access codes.