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a printed circuit that can be inserted into expansion slots in a computer to increase the computer's capabilities

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Clean Circuit Cards in Radar and Engagement Control Station
The circuit card assemblies will reportedly be used in a Department of Defence Electronic Warfare programme.
This platform and circuit card will help Verizon Wireless deliver a secure and reliable multimedia data connection, provide global roaming capabilities, and remotely add new UICC applications and services on the 4G LTE wireless broadband network.
The printed circuit card assemblies will be used for a range of commercial and military aircraft including the Airbus A350 passenger airline.
Gemalto's platform and circuit card will reportedly help Verizon Wireless to deliver a secure and reliable multimedia data connection, provide global roaming, and remotely add new UICC card applications and services on its 4G LTE wireless broadband network.
But what if we take the circuit card and subject it to an elevated humidity environment--such as 35[degrees]C/70% RH--with no bias or temperature cycling for 16 to 24 hours?
There are just three women - two in California and the other in Montana - who have earned PRCA circuit cards to compete in team roping.
EFTC will supply Agfa with circuit card assemblies used in Agfa's Electronic Prepress Systems (EPS).
An order for 56 circuit card assemblies will be followed six months later-- too late to be added to the first production run-- by an order for one or two or three of the same item at a relatively astronomical unit price.
NASDAQ:ORBT), an electronics manufacturer and software solution provider, today announced that its Orbit Instrument Division has received an award from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) valued at $875,000 for the design, manufacture and delivery of a new circuit card assembly in support of the Automated Radar Terminal System (ARTS) 11E and 111E keyboard configurations.
Item NSN Circuit card 5998-01-510-5853 Circuit card 5998-01-510-5897 Crypto module 5998-01-526-2159 Chassis 5975-01-512-7961 Power supply 5895-01-560-2880 Circuit card (RF module) 5998-01-503-7423
The LTE authentication is provided by the Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC), a next generation SIM card that will be used by MetroPCS in LTE mobile devices to identify subscribers and their services and manage secure access to the wireless network.
Under this contract Titan will provide critical program support for Analysis Repair and Training of all DoD branches and the Coast Guard for equipment and systems, ship and shore-based, containing electronic circuit card assemblies, electronic modules and/or printed circuit cards.