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Synonyms for circle

Synonyms for circle

a closed plane curve everywhere equidistant from a fixed point or something shaped like this

a course, process, or journey that ends where it began or repeats itself

a group of people sharing an interest, activity, or achievement

a particular social group

to move or cause to move in circles or around an axis

Synonyms for circle

ellipse in which the two axes are of equal length

something approximating the shape of a circle

Related Words

movement once around a course

a road junction at which traffic streams circularly around a central island

street names for flunitrazepan

a curved section or tier of seats in a hall or theater or opera house

any circular or rotating mechanism


move in circles

form a circle around


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The largest influence on the high forecasted growth rate is due to purchasing delays for systems and upgrades in 2008/2009 as consumers circled the wagons and took a conservative position on discretionary spending.
But Marcello Lippi's squad have circled the wagons and their 3-0 triumph over Ukraine on Friday night set up a mouthwatering final-four clash with Germany in Dortmund.
Meanwhile, both academia and the major media circled the wagons to protect historian Michael Bellesiles, whose entire thesis on gun ownership in America was based on fraud.
In times of crisis, we've always circled the wagons, tried cocooning (long before the term was coined by pop-culture icon Faith Popcorn), and wrapped ourselves up with Old Glory as a security blanket.
England have circled the wagons this week in response to a barrage of criticism over certain players' off-field behaviour.